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Jewish/ Catholic Inter-faith marriage

Hey all so I am from Ottawa Ontario and I am trying to find a Rabbi who will co-officiate a wedding.  We have found a select few outside of our region who are willing but want to charge us upwards of $1200+ Gas per km.  Both our families and my FI and I feel religion is a very important part of our wedding! Any advice or help would be soooo helpful right now!! No idea what to do!!

Re: Jewish/ Catholic Inter-faith marriage

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    Indeed we do. Our referral service is free, with over 500 rabbis and cantors who officiate at interfaith Jewish weddings. is the premiere web based resource for couples exploring Jewish life and making Jewish choices, and the leading web based advocate for attitudes, policies and practices that welcome and embrace them.
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    Good evening,
    I am Rabbi Michael raab and I travel for interfaith weddings. Please email me at [email protected] or call at 239-404-7298.
    Rabbi Michael Raab
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    unlike the USA, in Canada it can be difficult  to find an ordained rabbi that will conduct an interfaith wedding.    if you want to go with someone local there may be some independant rabbis who will perform an interfaith wedding. it can be difficult to find a pulpit rabbi who will perform this kind of ceremony.   alternately, there may be someone in  your community who is NOT a rabbi, but is a a very educated/spiritual person who will perform the jewish stuff for you. you can then have a JP step in for the legal side. my father in law has performed interfaith marriages.  he is very educated jewishly, but is not a rabbi, so can't perform the legal side of things.  there is no jewish law stating that a rabbi needs to perform the jewish ceremony. 

      in the USA the jewish community is less concerned about interfaith marriages, so there are all kinds of people willing to do that.

    there's one rabbi in vancouver who performs these weddings.  you might want to contact her and ask if she has any idea who might do the same thing in ON.  otherwise, you maybe looking at importing someone like pp Rabbi Raab from FL or wherever he is.

    you might also want to get in touch with the Jewish Community Centre in Ottawa about this.  they have a community information service that might be able to direct you to someone there, though my guess is that if this person exists they are more likely to be in Toronto than Ottawa, as the Ottawa community is quite small.

    here's the person in Vancouver who performs interfaith weddings, she may be able to help with someone in ON:

    i think it's great that you want to incorporte religion into your wedding. 

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    [QUOTE]    in the USA the jewish community is less concerned about interfaith marriages, so there are all kinds of people willing to do that.
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    This is not entirely true! We only found one Rabbi who was willing co-officiate a wedding and she was a humanistic rabbi out of the 7 or so we contacted. We weren't thrilled with her, so we decided to have one co-officiant and incorporate both christian and jewish traditions in our wedding.
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