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Rehearsal dinner downtown by Alamo?

Hello! I'm new to the boards, so I apologize in advance if I breach any etiquette. I live in Del Rio, but my wedding will be in San Antonio on May 20.

Right now I am having the hardest time tracking down a nice restaurant that has a private party room for about 30-40 family members for our rehearsal dinner on May 19. The reason that I'd like to stick to the downtown area is because our families will be flying in from all over the country (and a few from the UK), and most will not have rental cars. Our wedding will be at Marriage Island and the reception will be at Pat O'Briens. My fiance's mom has asked me to try to source out the venue for the rehearsal because she can't be here until just before the wedding.


Re: Rehearsal dinner downtown by Alamo?

  • Landry's Seafood is where we're having our rehearsal dinner.  Other places to consider are: Mi Tierra (may require some taxis to transport people, or they can take the trolley), Casa Rio, Rosarios, Bigas on the Banks, Paesanos, La Foccaccia Italian Grill.  There are lots of restaurants with dedicated banquet rooms, it's really up to your tastes and budget.  Best wishes!!!
  • Sorry for the threadjack, but Gator Bride, are you having your reception in the Briar's Suite or the Grand Promenade?  I'm in the Grand Promenade.  :)
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  • Briar's Suite! It's a very small wedding (we're expecting around 70ish), so the Grand Promenade was too much space. Pat O's has been an absolute dream to work with, though. I can't say enough nice things about the staff. They are lovely.

    Thank you for the ideas! I'll just get together a list of nice restaurants on the riverwalk and start calling around.
  • I would check out the Monterrey and see if they can handle a party of that size in the outside area - which is completely awesome by the way.  Only thing is in May, it may be a little warm in the daytime but should be nice in the evening.

    Other than that...Rosario's is a local restaurant in the South Town area and has really good food with a great local feel.
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