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is ok to give them toys??

my 2 FG's and RB are all under 5 and i'm having a hard time thinking of gifts for them... I saw at the $ store yesterday they had these grab bags and i bought one.. it had some toys and some snacks in it and when my nephew saw it today (he's the RB) he started playing with the toys and really seemed enthralled and asked if we could share the fruit snacks... Could this be a good gift or does it have to be meaningfull?? these 3 kids aren't into stuffed animals or purses or jewelry...
 I'm sorta lost on what to do...

p.s. thank you to everyone who posted they type the wrong.. i keep typing het and eth... and i laugh every time knowing i'm not alone!!!
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Re: is ok to give them toys??

  • I feel bad but I am not giving the kids gifts? At least not super fancy ones. Mine are so young that they aren't really looking for gifts.. dressing up in a "pwincess dwess" is what they are excited about. I may give the oldest, the ring bearer, something. Not sure. But I say give whatever makes sense... whatever the kids like! It doesn't have to be fancy!
  • It doesn't have to be meaningful. GIve them something they will like. 

    zara, if you give the oldest something, please at least get a little something for the others. I was in my cousin's wedding when I was little. I don't remember much about the wedding, but I do remember going to teh rehearsal dinner and the RB was playing with a new remote control truck. It was his gift for being the RB and I didn't get anything. I was so jealous, but I knew better than to say anything. It just hurt to be forgotten like that. The fact that I remember it almost 28 years later means something to me. 
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  • I'm not having a FG, but my nephew will be my RB.  I planned to get him a little toy.  Like some hot wheels... at least he liked hot wheels last time I saw him.

    if I had a FG, I think I'd get a barbie doll or something.

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  • I am getting my flower girl and ring bearers toys. I'm going to call their parents and find out what they are into.
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  • So far I have gotten all mine (2 FG, 2RB) just a pack of the glow in the dark necklaces and braclet things. They were $ at Michaels and have something like 20 braclets that can be attached to each other to make longer. I figure they will have a good time playing with them in the dim lights of the reception. I plan to get them some other small toys as well and will probably be looking at the $ store as well.
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  • Toys sound great to me!

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  • Toys are perfect.  Little kids don't care about "meaningful" gifts, they care about fun ones.
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  • I think toys are perfect!  I made the FG and RB gift bags with items from the Dollar store and the dollar section at Target.

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  • Toys are great - we are only having a FG (my neice) - I got her an American Girl doll because its fun and she'll enjoy it, but its also one of those things that she may remember as a "special gift" since American Girl dolls arent an everyday gift...I still remember when I got mine as a kid. 
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  • American Girl Doll is an awesome gift.  My FMIL gave us a little engagement token the first time she saw us after the proposal.  Just a bottle of wine, a card, and a bride and groom bear.  It was so sweet of her.  Well one of FI nieces wanted the bears.  Which I didn't give her.  She and her younger sister are FGs and I'm going to have the younger one carry those bears in the wedding rather than get her flowers.  But I think our gift to the older one is going to be a bride bear or something like that. 
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  • Toys are good because they keep the kids occupied and quiet!  One niece is my Jr BM, my other niece is FG, and my nephew is the RB.  Nephew is barely going to turn 3 by the time of the wedding, so meaningful gifts don't really mean anything to him yet.  I'm going to get him toys so that he has something to play with and doesn't get bored.  For the girls I got jewelry sets to wear that day, plus things that go along with their personalities and interests.
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  • I think toys are definitely ok.  We're getting the ring bearers  these personalized backpacks: http://www.thecrazydazy.com/kids-stephen-joseph-quilted-backpacks.aspx

    and we're going to put a little toy or something inexpensive to do (crayons and paper or something similar) during the RD in it.  For us it was a good mix between something fun for them in the moment and something that will get kept and used for a while. 
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  • When choosing when and how to donate children's toys, do some research to children in need or place used toys with organizations that need them. Toys that have been gently used and remain in good condition are acceptable to donate.

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