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August 2011 Weddings

Plans for the week

What's everyone up to WR and NWR?
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Re: Plans for the week

  • WR: I have a florist appointment this week! I had 2, but ended up cancelling one of them. I have too many options as it is and don't want to be overwhelmed. Plus, they had a minimum price I had to meet and I don't know that we are willing to spend that much on flowers!

    NWR: bootcamp starts today (you could also say its wedding related because I'm trying to get into wedding shape!), also my FI is in our friends' wedding this weekend which I'm really looking forward to.
  • WR: UGGGGGH Dress shopping ONE more time this Sat.! 

    NWR: An old friends wedding on Saturday, working all week, going out to eat with my MOH, a Birthday get together for me on Fri. and I think that's about it! Buuuuusy week!
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    "The things I've done, the places I've been, just don't compare to the love I'm in, it beats all I've ever seen."
  • WR: I need to order our e-pics, but I'm going to try and have that been the only wedding-related thing this week.  I've been having a LOT of nightmares about the wedding, including two last night, so I think I need to try and take a break from planning for the week, just to save my sleep!

    NWR: Work, gym and hanging with FI.  Just trying to make it to the weekend!
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  • WR- calling the photographer who hasn't emailed us back yet, calling the church to get the first "official" meeting scheduled, maybe starting on invitations

    NWR- school and othe boring stuff!
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  • WR: continue the search for a wedding officant, get a "final" guest list, look for STDs, and something else that I forget.

    NWR: gym/work. Jon and I are going to a Boston young professionals thing tomorrow night. We're trying to meet some new people since we have no couple friends and it's kind of annoying for him to hang out with a bunch of girls all the time.
    August 2011: E-Pic! Photobucket
    229 image Invited to celebrate!
    191 image Remembered to RSVP!
    26 image Can't make it
    7 image Got lost on the way to the mailbox

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  • WR: E pics are done!  so, start designing wedding website, start setting up appointments for DJ's, and continue the dress shopping hunt. 

    NWR: tonight relax (got hit with a bball yesterday in the head so takin it easy lol)
    this week just going to the gym, this weekend is still TBD..
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  • WR: Try to schedule an appt with florists, decide which e-pics we want printed, try on dresses at another store depending on what I find out about the sales at the place I like best.

    NWR:  Work, driving, maybe pumpkin patch.
  • @brooke.anne. - Relax. You'll find the one. You don't want to force it and wind up with something that you don't love, or even like that much.

    @ herschle - Ouch! That must've hurt. 

    WR: I've been investigating wholesale flowers as an option because orchids are expensive but also what we want. I've found a great price on them so I'm just making sure the blooms into bouts and bouquets will be feasible. Also, we've started registering last night since we know it's going to take forever to build up a big enough registry. 

    NWR: Apart from the usual schoolwork, my friend wants to drag me to Ikea one day this week, so we'll see. But this weekend, I'm flying back to Illinois to see all my friends, and I cannot wait! 
  • WR: Going back to the bridal shop that I wen to yesterday with my family to show them the dress I love! I also have appointments at a few other bridal shops. We are also signing the contract for our photographer this week!

    NWR:Getting back into workout mode and just taking it easy (we had a REALLY busy weekend) :)
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  • WR: Nothing much at all....

    NWR: Today is Adam and I's 5 year anniversary of dating. We are spending the day together and we went out for dinner for it last night. This week I have class, and work, need to work out, a test on Friday, then Football for the weekend. Go Hawks!
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  • WR: Meeting Thursday night with the "day of" coordinator I want to hire. HIghly recommended on my local knottie board. Also, have a tasting on Sunday with one of the 2 final caterers, and E-pics afterward. We are having "family pics" done as well, because I haven't had any with MY kids I think ever, and we are including my fiance & his one daughter (and her new baby) who are the only ones in state.

    NWR: work work work, daughter's soccer games Wed night, her "Sweet 16" is Friday & her homecoming dance Saturday. My son is also arriving Friday from DC for his sister's birthday, so will visit with him. They are both coming along for the tasting & pics Sunday.
  • WR: I just for lunch with one of my sorority sisters that got married this past June. It's awesome to talk to someone who literally just walked down the aisle and has all this insight. She gave me the binder she used to organize everything and I can already tell that it's going to be extremely helpful!

    NWR: Lots of stuff going on-first big exam of the semester tomorrow night, client meetings for my internship, a professional networking event in Nashville, phew! It's going to be a busy week...maybe that means it will go by quick Tongue out

    When We Said "I Do:" August 6, 2011

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  • WR: We really need to decide on the ceremony location and book it. I'm sure I'll find random wedding things to go over this week!

    NWR: Sat: Going to a beer tasting festival nearby, but I'm the DD...oh well I'm not a huge beer drinker.
    Sun: Probably nothing.

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  • wr i booked my dress appointment and glanced at bridesmaids dresses today. tried to find shoes but most places were closed. dont know why. i left a message with a caterer to get a quote and trying to figure out when we can check out this community  house I want to look at. probably no other wedding stuff going on.
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