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November 2011 Weddings

Timing of ceremony & reception

Okay, we're having our ceremony & reception at the same location (Woodcliff Manor, NJ) on 11/11/11 a Friday night. The guy suggested we start the ceremony at 4:30 pm & then the cocktail hr at 5 pm & the reception at 6 pm but that seems awfully early for everything for me. Weather permitting we're having the ceremony outside but still I don't want to have only some of my guests arrive for the ceremony & the rest to follow later especially since the ceremony will only be about 20 - 25 mins long.

What is every one else doing in reference to times?

Re: Timing of ceremony & reception

  • My ceremony and reception will also be at the same place, Castle Farms.

    The ceremony will start at 5 and then the guests will move to a different room where they will start munching on their appetizers. We plan on coming in as the new MR and  MRS around 6:15/6:30ish

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  • HaylaCHaylaC member
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    i'm having mine at the same venue but i think we do things slightly differently over here anyway. We're having our ceremony at 2pm and reception drinks at prob about 3.30.  sit down meal from about 5pm i reckon and then evening entertainment from about 7pm.
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  • We are doing same venue too. But we are doing Ceremony at 5:45 and Reception starts at 6:30
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  • One thing you may want to think about is what time the sun sets. For my wedding on 11/19/11 I found out the sun sets around 5:30 that time of year and we are also getting married outside. Just something to think about because the sunset is beautiful but it also gets a lot colder once the sun goes down. Especially the closer you get to daylight savings.
  • I too am having the ceremony and reception at the same venue! We chose 6:45 ceremony and reception to follow! Decided not to have the outdoor ceremony as my parents and grandparents are older and didn't want to worry about the cold/rain that happens in November in Upstate New York.  We have decided to do photos prior to the wedding so we can have some outdoor shots (weather permitting of course). 
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  • I too am getting married on 11/11/11. I just luv this date & it also represents the first week my FI told me he loved me 2yrs ago. 11/11/11 is Veterans' day so its a holiday plus school is out & folks usually have the day off.

    I decided to get married in the afternoon, b/c I would like to have an outdoor ceremony since its pretty dark by 5pm. That way I can write on the invitations wedding starts at 11, keeping with the theme, knowing folks will not arrive til around 12. so in actuality the wedding will start at 1pm. 

    My wedding will last at least 1 full hours since we are incorporating many of our traditions. Immediately following the reception will be a 1 hour cocktail hour that unfortunately I will not get to enjoy ((why am i paying for this again. lol)). 

    From there my guests will enjoy plated 3 course meal. I'm guessing the entire event will be over just in time for another wedding to start, if the venue books another wedding. A four hour reception is fine. I would like to start my honeymoon at a bed & breakfast inn before we can travel to turks for the "real" honeymoon
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  • I'm not sure when our timing will be but something to keep in mind is that Congress passed a bill that made daylight savings time switch over a lot earlier, in the case of November 2011, it's the weekend before our weddings (early morning of the 6th).  This definitely causes a problem for outdoor brides! Good luck everyone :)
  • lis9lis9 member
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    Our wedding was on a Friday and the ceremony started at 6 with the cocktail hour immediately following and the reception started at 7:30.  6 seemed like a great time .  It gave our guests time to get off work and make it to the location without having to take too much time off. :)

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  • I was really concerned about the time and the sunset issues. I have family coming from Florida and Alabama to Ohio and I know that the weather is going to be an issue. So the last thing I want to do is expose them to the elements in the dark.

    I found this website that displays the time of sunset for your day. Wherever you live. I am still doing mine in the evening because I want people to be able to comfortably get to the wedding just in case they have to work that day.

    Hope this helps.

  • We are having our ceremony and reception at the same place.  Our ceremony will begin at 5:30pm, cocktail hour starts at 6pm and reception starts at 7pm ending at 11pm.  We are getting married on 11-5-11.  I was afraid ours might be ending a little late.  I didn't want to start everything too early because we have people from out of town arriving. 
  • Birdie1483Birdie1483 member
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    I'm not sure about our timing yet. It will be late afternoon with an evening reception, but exactly when, I don't know. I plan on talking to my photographer and getting his advice on the best time for lighting and such because sunset will be around 5:45 in my area on 11/5/11. We plan on doing most of the photos before the ceremony, but I also want a little daylight left when the ceremony is done.  I also just have to figure out a timeline and see how long everything will take.

    We've gone back and forth on if we want the ceremony inside or out. Right now I'm leaning towards inside because of the time of year and uncertainty on the weather. One thing we will have to think of is our venue that has huge windows on the west side. Depending on the time of day the sun will be blaring in them and can get bright. We will probably do the wedding on the other side so the light is coming on us and won't wash out pictures of the ceremony and blind our guests. A friend of mine is getting married this November at the same location so we will be able to see a lot for ourselves on the best way to do things.
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