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I know that a lot of you ladies will be, or are planning on buying a home or moving after marriage.  Or maybe youre jut looking for furniture.   I just wanted to suggest that you skip Bob's Furniture if you were thinking of purchasing from them.  I bought from them last year, and shortly after my furniture became damaged.  I've been battling with their nonexistant customer service since march (AND i purchased the extra protection plan!).    I'm currently using the Better Business Bureau, hoping to come to some sort of resolution.    I dont want to make this post real long, so if you want to know the whole story you can check it out here I created a group where I have pictures and a history of my dilemma.  I also update it as new things happen.   Please check it out before you waste your money there.  

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    we bought the same couches and have so many issues with them..
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    Been there, didn't like it. I bought a chair from their outlet/back of the store thing/clearance, came back with a truck to get it, and guess what? Sold sticker had been taken off it, left on another chair, mine sold  to someone else, all they had was one that had been damaged.
    PITA getting my money back.
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