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Men's Engagement Ring?

Hi!  I've been lurking for a bit and finally decided to ask this question.  My BF and I are discussing rings and whatnot.  Last night he mentioned wanting some symbol of his own of our engagement.  I really like this idea, but I have no idea what sort of ring to get!  Any thoughts?  The only thing I've come up with is a black tungsten ring.  He likes the silver one for his wedding band and I saw the same one in black.  

Re: Men's Engagement Ring?

  • thejucheideathejucheidea East Nashville, Tennessee
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    My friend Heather's fiancé David has an engagement ring she designed for him. She got one off of Etsy that is sterling silver. The outside is stamped with their initials and inside has a quote that is close to their hearts. I think their plan is to have him move his engagement ring to his right hand after they get married.

  • You also don't have to do a ring. I know that if we could have afforded it, my FI wanted an engagement watch.
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  • My H chose to wear his wedding ring from the time we got it, about six months before the wedding.

    I've also heard of using a less expensive band and switch to the nicer one for the wedding.
  • I've been trying to do this for my FI, but what I wanted to do was look into getting him a set so he could wear both on the same hand like I will be. Unfortunately, this isn't something I can expect to just find in a store so I'll likely have it custom made. Even more unfortunately, the first quote I got for that was $2500 to $3000, way out of budget (for a simple ring too). I'm hoping the next few places I try will be less unreasonable.

    If I can't do that I'll get him a cheaper ring that he'll wear on his right hand after the wedding.  I like the idea of going from the black to the silver, so that gets my vote!

  • codolocodolo
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    [QUOTE]I've most often heard of an engagement watch, but I don't think that anyone besides the two of you would know that it is a symbol of your engagement. Similarly, if he wore a ring on his ring finger on his left hand, people would likely assume he was already married to you, just based on tradition. If he wants a ring, get him a ring! I think a black ring and switching to a silver one after the wedding sounds lovely. Are you guys discussing buying rings together? Or will you each "propose" to one another with the rings?
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    We are looking at rings.  We've done some online shopping together, but the actual purchase will be individual.  He wants to be the one to propose and it's so out in the open that I would imagine I would know it's coming.  I will probably order his ring ahead of time and just give it to him when the time comes.  
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