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March 2010 Weddings

engagement ring

Does anyone know if there's a traditional way to wear your engagment ring for the ceremony?  I don't want to have anything on my left ring finger prior to the wedding band going on, and unfortunately, my engagement ring is too small to fit on my right ring finger.  I was thinking maybe the right pinky.  I know I'm probably overthinking this, but I don't want another ring to detract from the signifiance of the wedding band (if that makes any sense).  Any thoughts?

Re: engagement ring

  • If it fits on your pinky w/o the possibility of being lost I think that would be fine.  Mine is interchangable between rign fingers so I'll just slip it onto my right hand.

    Have to remember to get mine leaned on Friday.
  • i had the same problem.  Planned to put it on my right pinky before the ceremony and forgot.  So I swapped them mid-ceremony.  Didn't take long.  Don't think anybody noticed!
  • I am not wearing mine to the ceremony -- my rabbi told me i cannot -- no hand jewelry of any kind allowed.  once that is done though, i am wearing it over my wedding ring
  • I'm probably just going to try to wear it on a different finger, as I'm sentimental about the wedding band as well.  If that won't work, what about giving it to a family member to hold onto during the ceremony and they give it back to you right after it's over?
  • I was wonding what to do with mine as well...I already have a ring a am wearing on my right hand...maybe I can get my dad or someone to hold my engaement ring during the cermony and then put it back on after.
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