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hi ladies,

I'm new here. Got engaged the day before Thanksgiving (which was also my bday). I'm wondering are any of you planning to set up wedding websites? If so, when?

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    I already have.  I did once I booked my venue for ceremony and reception.  I'm using the one from here.
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  • That's funny you posted this, because I'm working on mine now! I actually used to be in web/graphic design, and so I'm going a bit of the extra mile to make a cool site. Not building from scratch, but we are using this website -

    It takes some real getting used to. Though they have a bajillion templates you can choose from and just plug in what you want, I'm working to edit nearly every element of the design. I just like that it looks kind of flashy, without building it from scratch.

    Let me know if you have questions about it!
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  • My fiance and I are in the process of creating one.  We will probably let more people know about it in the next couple of months as there are still details that need some fine tweaking :-)
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  • Great! I hope you ladies share whn you're done. :) I'm thinking of using Wordpress to build ours. I'll post the url once I think of a domain and begin the design.
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    I used Weebly to create mine.  The link is in my siggy. 

    ETA: I used Weebly for my planning bio, not for my wedding website. Sorry, I misread. 

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    Mine's halfway done and I'm using WeddingWire. I really like that they have so many backgrounds to choose from and all the little features you can add like the RSVP and Reception Song Request.

    ETA: WeddingWire also allows people to search for your website by typing in either one of your names. My sister was just at a wedding and the couple used WeddingWire and that feature alone saved my sister and her friend when they lost their directions to the venue since they were able to find their site again.
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  • I am wanting to make one for our wedding... havent put much thought into though. Once I finish this semester I am going to tackle that along with booking our venue.
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  • we actually made one for our engagement party. we had a very large engagment party 2 months after we were engaged and we sent out nice invitations and on them i had the site address. On the site i posted our engagement pictures we had done, they could RSVP from the website, we had an "about us" section where i wrote about my fiance, and vice versa.a guestbook where people wrote nice little notes, everyone complimented it and said how nice it was. so i assume i will do the same sort of thing for the wedding, espicially for out of town guests.

  • We started our website when we finalized where we were going to be holding the ceremony and reception. We are using the one from here... I love it. We will be attaching the link to the STDs.
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  • I already set ours up through Weebly and it's really easy! Plus, when someone uses the "Contact Us" form, I get an email sent directly to me; it's nice so I don't have to check back often. I can PM you our website link if you are looking for ideas!

    I've also thought about doing a planning bio since I've used ideas and directions from so many other peoples' but I may just do that at a later date...I don't have the motivation to do that right now!
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