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Michigan-Grand Rapids

Kirk Park

Has anyone had their wedding ceremony on Kirk Park? I need some help! Is there an application that I am suppose to fill out like at grand haven? What did you do for the daily park fee for your guests? Anyone have any pictures? And one more thing did you rent chairs and from where? Thanks for your help it is very much appreciated!  


Re: Kirk Park

  • TheWopTheWop member
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    I can't answer most of your questions because I didn't have my ceremony there but I've been hanging out at the beach three times when there have been ceremonies going on.   And I'm totally not trying to change your mind or rain on your parade, but all three ceremonies seemed awkward with the general public in swim suits on towels going about their business, and gawking.   Just something to think about, if you haven't already.  Even the sunset wedding we saw was anything but private with beach spectators.   If this is all ok with you, awesome, you'll have a great day.   But, if you're looking for a more quiet private setting, I would maybe look at a private beach.  Again, if you don't mind random people hanging out watching and going about their business around you, or you already knew all of this,  great, more power to you!    Cool

    And I actually think I took a few pictures of the ceremony set up at one of the weddings.  I'll try and post them when I get home.     

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  • akhensley81akhensley81 member
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    Hi there! I didn't have my ceremony at Kirk Park, but we went over there in the limo for pictures afterward. I just called ahead (Google Kirk Park, it's a county park I think) and let them know we were coming. We still had to pay the normal entrance fee for each vehicle that came in. I would recommend looking them up and calling to find out what you need to do. Good luck!!
  • Zebe912Zebe912 member
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    We had our engagement party there, but not the wedding.  If you'd be using/reserving one of the buildings (there are tiny bathrooms in that lodge) then you have to fill out a contract.  The fee is pretty reasonable, and it would give you a back up space too.  It isn't gorgeous, but it can be decorated. 

    We told our guests to tell the parking attendant they were there for our party, and I think gave a name list too.  He was supposed to tally the number of cards & then we were going to pay.  Most guests just paid themselves though so we didn't end up having to cover very many people.

    As with any public venue, PP was correct about gawkers and whether or not you'll feel weird about having a possible crazy busy beach day the same day you're trying to get married.  But if you have a "more the merrier" philosophy then it is a really nice place to be!
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