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Reception Ideas

Ideas on decorating a Community Hall for a Reception?

We set a $5,000 budget for our wedding of no more than 75 guests, which is completely do-able where we live.  Since we are getting married in September, and we live on the gulf coast, odds are that it will be hot as heck.  So I checked into a couple of golf resorts, reception venues, etc. and they were all ridiculously priced, IMO.  So, I decided that we will go with a Community Hall and decorate it up ourselves.  I have learned that my biggest  dramatic effect will be the lighting.  We will be serving an Italian Cuisine, that is buffet style.  I haven't decided on exact colors yet, except for chocolate brown.  I'm thinking red for the other color, and my dress will be ivory.  Anyways, do you have any thoughts or suggestions on making the building more "romantic" feeling, on a budget?

Re: Ideas on decorating a Community Hall for a Reception?

  • Candlelight always dials up the romance rating.  I would suggest candles in the middle of the tables (around the centerpieces, or as centerpieces) which will allow you to keep the ceiling lights dimmer & hide some of the 'community hall' feel.  Paired with the can uplights MilkDuds suggested, you will have a stunning room!
  • The only think I would suggest is to check with the center.... a lot of  times they dont allow you to attach anything to the ceiling or walls.... that may pose a problem, decoration wise....However, there are ways around that too....you just have to get creative :)
     Good Luck
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  • I plan to use lots of candles so I hope it turns out pretty...

  • If your center allows it, put yards of voile on the ceilings with small crystals tied to the voile.    a few crystals widely scattered in a randomize pattern will provide reflective focus for your uplight.  If you add the uplighting in amber that PP suggested, you will have a fantastic backdrop for your wedding.  
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