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Fast military wedding thats affordable.

Im looking for  information on a pretty fast upcoming wedding.  My boyfriend/fiance is currently is South Korea in the Army, he will be home on leave for a month in mid December to mid January.   He has been gone for about a year.  We are absolutely crazy about eachother.  We have been best friends for some time before dating.  We want to get married and dont really want to do the whole Las Vegas or Courthouse wedding because we want to have our family and friends there.  We dont have alot of money at all which is another reason we have thought about just getting married in a courthouse.  What is most important to us is to be together.  But we want to make our families happy too.  Usually in this case our family would help us but both my father and his mother are about to lose their homes due to the economy and loss of adequate jobs.  We have since decided to put it on hold but we both really really want to get married.  In 2012 he is scheduled to be deplolyed to Afghanistan after already being in Korea for a year.  Im just searching around getting quotes or any ideas on how I can possibly make this happen for us.   Does anybody have any suggestions

Re: Fast military wedding thats affordable.

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    We did a quick JOP on the beach in California. I planned the whole thing in 2 weeks and it was the perfect small ceremony. Our parents came up to join us, I got my dress at nordstrom for $130, he wore his uniform, the beach didnt need a permit because when I called I told the city how small the ceremony was and they said just go ahead, no permit needed, so it was free. We did hire a photographer (gift from my dad) and then we just went to dinner afterwards. The officiant was $200, we found her on the list of officiants given to us when we went to go apply for our marriage license. oh, and I did have a bouquet. it was $75 and wonderful, you could definitely get away with making your own bouquet for far less and really be able to pull it all off for a pretty good deal! I don't have specific ideas for chicago, but when you get quotes make sure to tell them how small it is. When I did that, many vendors (like the photographer) drastically reduced their quote. Also, never hurts to ask if they have a military discount!!
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    We are using the base chapel, it's free.  Chaplain from the ship FI is stationed on is performing the ceremony (again free).  We do have to pay for the organist.  Reception is in one of the base clubs, not free but much cheaper than any comparable place in town and no sales tax. 
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    One thing, you will need him to fill out the paperwork to get married on base and you need a sponser to use one of the clubs, either him or another AD/ret service member.
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    PPs have given you good advice on planning a quick and affordable wedding.

    Can you explain why it is, exactly, that you two are so desperate to get married quickly? Most tours to Korea are unaccompanied - meaning that you two will get married and probably not live together until after he returns from his deployment. Why is being legally married so important when none of the practical, day-to-day realities of your life will change? It's my personal opinion that you would be better off waiting out this tour and the deployment. That way, you know exactly what to expect as a military wife and you can be best prepared for your life together. 


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