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February 2011 Weddings

Damn this sucks

Hi everyone. Getting married in February and it sure looks like nobody else is. What's up with this board?

::tapping mike::
Hello? Anyone hear?

Re: Damn this sucks

  • hahaha, I'm getting married in February 2011, too. I know, this board is so quiet.
    When I first wrote something on this board I was so excited waiting for an answer, haha, but nobody did it =P. It's nice to know that a february bride is here =) finally

  • Exactly. Notice how the only reply was from you and I made this post 2 days ago. It's so dead here. Well good luck to you.
  • I'm getting married February 2011, too! However, I have just begun to delve into the boards.

    Summer weddings are so last year :oD

    Happy wedding planning!
  • I'm from the Feb. 2010 board. Not many people get married in Feb. it seems. The winter board is also dead. You are probably better on local boards unfortunately...
  • jenbwjenbw member
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    I am getting married Feb.2001 as well, but it's going to be a destination wedding away from the cold!!  Wink
  • I'm getting married Feb 2011! I'm hoping for snow and a winter wonderland :) 
    I'm on the knot app but am just starting to post on these boards.. 
    Hopefully you ladies will continue to be here and there will be more responses! 
  • I've avoided posting on a club board since my date isn't set in stone, but it looks like I'll be making the deposit this week on a venue for February 6, 2011. 

    So, hi!  :)
  • jenbwjenbw member
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    We haven't decided on an exact date either for our destination wedding. I'm hoping that we'll be able to make some time tomorrow to get an appointment with our travel agent! Or at least get a feel for the cost and approx date. That would be great!  Laughing 

  • I'm a February bride too!! I just started looking at the community board. We are getting married Feb 19, 2011...we live in Texas, so we are really hoping we can do the ceremony outside. I only wore my coat 5 times(yes, I counted) in Feb this year. ::crossing fingers::
  • Getting married Feb,5 2011! So that's at least one more person to liven this board up!
  • hey ladies.... i know i have ben MIA for a while. started a new job and along with my crazy 1 year old son, its been keeping me from the boards and wedding planning. but i am making a comeback! i promise. with less than a year to go.... i feel completely overwhelemed and like time is flying by so fast. im worried im gonna leave things out. hopefully you gals can help me get back on track! :)

    10 months 2 weeks and 2 days for all you FEB 19th brides!!
  • I"m getting married on Feb 19th in Texas too.
  • Jenndavlin, are you going to try to get married outside??

    **Crossing fingers for good Texas weather on Feb 19th**
  • Feb 12th!  Want to be Skiing/Boarding in Colorado on Valentines Day!!  Not to mention the cabin and the fireplace and the Aspen Nightlife!!!  I hope it all turns out the way I want it (or very close to it). 
  • February bride and soon-to-be Army wife! I'm excited about my winter wedding because it's more of a challenge...any twitt can plan a summer wedding and make it wonderful but the challenge is planning an unforgetable winter wedding that doesn't neccessarily have a Christmas or Valentine theme. We will have our wedding at a hictoric bed and breakfast in Virgnia. We are having an intimate/small wedding with my son and his daugther as the only attendants with close family and friends as the guest.
  • Congrats! We have the same wedding date!
  • I am getting married in February 2011!!! (Unless my future husband and I win the Dream Wedding contest, then we would have to get married in July.  Long story, see my sig lol).

    We live in California, so it is never really too cold (at least by my standards, I grew up in MI), and we are having the festivities and reception at Disneyland, so February is their slowest month and the hotels have the best rates :) 

    What colors are you having?  We chose Tiffany blue, silver, and ivory. 
  • I'm getting married on Feb 20, 2011! I live in Arizona so February is actually only one of about 3-4 months I can actually stand being outside. Although, it did rain on February 20 this year, which would foil my plans. Luckily, my venue has the capability to do either inside or outside ceremony and reception. So glad to find others here, even if its not the liveliest of boards. I'm quite obsessed, so maybe I can help liven it up!
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  • Hey another February 2011 bride here... I'm from AZ too! For us AZ brides, our wedding season is from late October through early May. Hey February is he month of Love!
  • I'm having a February 12th wedding in New York. Although I am a little worried about a huge storm on that day I think a winter wedding could be beautiful! We actually picked February because that's the only time my fiance can get off of work, but the more I think about it the more I love it! I feel like a winter wedding is more unique and special then any other season.

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