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Texas-San Antonio

Elope in San Antonio--Ideas?

My fiance and I are looking to get married when I come down to visit him in a couple of weeks (he's stationed down there) and instead of doing a courthouse wedding, we are trying to see what other options we might have
Any of you San Antonio Knotties who have an idea of a cheap, but lovely place we can do a quick ceremony (just he and I) would be my hero
Thanks in advance for your help!

Re: Elope in San Antonio--Ideas?

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    Look into the church at La Villita and Mission San Jose, I don't know how fast these places book so you might want to call and ask. Also, you can always call a judge to come to wherever you want for example a nice park or even on base just to get out of the courthouse. Most people don't know that the judge can come to you! Just make sure you have a couple witnesses. I think that's the best option for you! Good Luck and I hope it all works out! Enjoy San Antonio!
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    King William Park and the Landa Library have beautiful outdoor areas to get married. The library is free and King William might charge a little if you want it totally private, but not much.
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    Where can I find a pastor to marry us?  I really like the gazebo at King William Park
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    There are a couple of offciants on Craigslist who will do it. Look under services.
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    my cousin did a courthouse wedding but they performed the ceremony off the riverwalk. it only took a couple days to get it done only because he couldn't get out there the same day she did to do the paperwork (he was training at lackland), and being that he's military it exempts him from the waiting period. just an idea.
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    Japanese Tea Gardens
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