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October 2013 Weddings

October 5, 2013

So excited that we booked the place we loved the most and can't wait to have a fall wedding!!! Just checking into this forum to see where everyone else is at, planning-wise. I feel like there's so much to do, and we still have 13 months to do it!

Re: October 5, 2013

  • Welcome! We are wedding twins :)

    Do what you can as you go along. I've been engaged for 13 months now and that went fast!

    Done so far:

    Ceremony/Reception site booked
    Photographer booked (now we have a photobooth too!)
    DJ booked
    Flowers ordered (silk)
    Hair clips ordered for BMs
    Boutineers order for the guys (peacock feathers)
    Dress bought
    BMs asked and dresses picked out (i fell in love with them)
    Hair piece bought
    Ordered paper for invites
    Bought bird cage

    To do:
    Finish getting candy buffet stuff
    Have my sand ceremony block etched
    Find Tuxes
    Figure out songs
    Flip flops for the girls
    Scrapbook for guest book (I have scrap weekend in October)
    Put together invites
    Put together centerpieces
    Put together bouquets
    Order Corsages
    Decorate bird cage

    Im sure there is a lot more I am missing.


  • Thanks Stina51286! I love that we're wedding twins! I got engaged last month, so I feel like I have a lot to catch up on. But I feel 1,000 times better that we have the venue and date booked. I think finding a church and hotels by the venue is next on our list, along with booking a DJ and photographer. I can't wait to look for dresses either! 

    When are you sending out your save the dates?

    I also see your doing a candy buffet - us too! I can't wait.
  • Wheres your venue if you dont mind me asking.  I am orginally from south jersey
  • In Response to Re: October 5, 2013:
    [QUOTE] When are you sending out your save the dates? Posted by lambs379[/QUOTE]

    We are probably sending them out between November and January. I have tons of family that live out of state.


  • We are wedding twins too!!!!! Congrates on your wedding!!!
    I fell like I am so far behind now. I have everything picked out on paper but nothing booked as of yet. I do have the sample of my wedding programs done. I did them myself. I have made my own wedding planning binder too. I can't wait until I have put the deposit down on the venue. I have been following the time line on here so I thought I was on track.
  • @jerseychic24 - we're getting married at Snug Harbor in staten island. I'm from Jersey and my FI is from Long Island do it's a good middle ground for us.

    @stina - that sounds like a perfect time to send them out! 

    @mistyandgregg - congratualtions to you as well!! I think the best part is that you have a planing binder and a timeline. I felt 100% better after we secured the venue and the date, so I understand what you mean. But don't stress! I need to write down all my ideas on paper too, and get organized.
  • Thats my day too. I feel way behind i just did a job interview three weeks ago and am waiting to hear back on it. So i may be to square one again if we have to move. But i have a place picked out just need to book it after i find out about the job. A friend is a professional photographer so thats done. A family friend is doing the cake and flowers ( two differnt people) I have a shop intown thats going to do my alterations and bridesmaides dresses and tux rentals if we stay here. Thats it i relized today crap october is next month. Freaking out a bit. 
  • At Kelleywill - I think you are good! Looks like you have a lot done - I think the venue is the biggest part, so if you have to move and you already have a venue in mind, well done! Hope you got the job, btw! 

    Are any of you getting engagement pictures done? Or had them done? Just curious everyone's timing on that...
  • I am getting married that day too!  so excited even if I am older and its our second time around.  We are doing everything ourselves, so I have been buying alot of the decorations right now so I am not rushing around 6 weeks before the wedding trying to find them!  Fall decorations are all half off right now too so that is surely a bonus on the budget! 
  • Lorenaw, That's actually a great idea about buying fall decorations now! I have some fall, rustic centerpeices in mind, so it might be a good idea to buy things now or at the end of this fall. Thanks for the idea!
  • I am also getting married the 5th !!!!!!!! he pr,oposed the 15th of August. so far we have dress deposit paid,  deposit for reception and ceremony. Thats it lol i have to get some more done next week lol. Congrats to all October 5th brides!!!!!
  • Just checking in to see how all the October 5 brides are doing? On scheudle with everything, ahead, behind?? 

    Can't believe it's almost 8 months away! Time flies!
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