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Say Anything Wednesday


Re: Say Anything Wednesday

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    For all the Twilight fans, if you haven't heard the song Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire, find a copy - it's hilarious.  My favorite line is "Sexy vampire, I'm falling in love with you 'cause you need my plasma more than I do."  It was on my running playlist while I was at the gym last night, and it reminded me that Mariah was probably out in line for the premier.

    (In my defense, I don't go looking for this stuff - I stumbled upon the song because it was played as a clip on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me on NPR probably around the time New Moon came out or something.  Now how someone on their staff found it, I don't even want to know.)
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    Happy Hump Day!!! All downhill from here - then 3 day weekend!! Yippeee!
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    I just got back on from trying on MY wedding dress. The one I own. I own a wedding dress. CRAZY
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    Terrinski - I love Wait Wait! - Have you read Peter Segal's Book of Vice? It's pretty hilarious, and you can just imagine his voice as you're reading it.
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    tc1016 -  I got married more than a month ago and I still feel that way.  =)
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    Speaking of dresses, again, every quote I've found for getting my dress cleaned is at least 50% of what I paid for it... if not more.   I get that its a big deal, but sheesh.

    I'm thinking about donating it to Brides Against Breast Cancer or something.  At least I could get a tax write off.

  • bsn1752bsn1752 member
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    Brides Against Breast Cancer?!  Tell me more... (that's a cause that is near and dear to me... my mother lost her battle in 96)
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    It is an organization that goes around the country (I believe) selling donated wedding gowns to benefit the Breast Cancer Foundation. 

  • bsn1752bsn1752 member
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    I just found it! There's one coming here in July... I already have my dress, but I am totally offering to volunteer!
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    You can volunteer?  That would be fun!! I'm going to go look now...

    EDIT:  I just offered to volunteer, too.  :)
  • amberproamberpro member
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    Happy Birthday, Kathy!

    tc1016- That's exciting :)  Any appointment dealing with my dress brought a smile to my face.  It was my favorite part of the entire planning process.  When DH was about to tackle the corset ties, I told him to wait a minute.  When he asked why, I said I wanted to take it in 1 more time, because I'd never put that dress on again. 

    DH and I are going to see Eclipse tonight.  I will admit I'm extremely excited and I'm far from a teen.

    Emi- I heard curb walking helps push that baby into labor ;)  
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    I feel queasy today. I've also been extra extra sleepy lately. I might have to pee on a stick if this keeps up.
    I'm counting down the days to my Vegas trip. Can't freakin' wait. I got 3rd row tickets to 'O' and I'm very excited about that.

    I was going to invite my family up to Frisco on the 4th for some Babe's and fireworks and I just found out that Frisco has moved their annual festival to the 3rd. LAME. Can we not celebrate the 4th on the 4th anymore??
  • Jay+MarissaJay+Marissa member
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    Cheryl--keep us updated. Mostly because your and your husband will make BEEYOUTIFUL babies!
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    MsLaura - nope, haven't read his book, but I'm sure it's great.  Love the show so much.  Unfortunately, I haven't been listening to it as often because I'm not in the car as much.
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    Marissa--LOL. Thanks ;) If we have a girl, she will have spectacularly arched eyebrows thanks to Aaron. hehe. I'm pretty sure this is all just a result of me being unhealthy and having acid reflux.
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    Cheryl- I know how you feel! I was up all night with some intense pains.  Went to the doctor today and he asked if I was pregnant!  Turns out I have a kidney stone. :(

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