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August 2010 Weddings


I am so excited!! Tomorrow is my second Bridal Shower - this one is hosted by my mom and I am pumped!  I have friends and family in town for it and I am so excited to see everyone and see what my surprises my mom has planned for us!
My first  shower was on April 10th (early, but with practical and good reasons). That one was hosted by my wonderful FMIL and was such a good time!

On to the POLL: Thinking about 'trends'...
Who has already had their Shower(s)? Formal or casual theme?

August 14 Brides...77 days to go!!


  • mine is going to be a Sunday brunch held at my mom's house -- around 20 people will be attending. It won't be fancy schmancy but def. not a jeans & t-shirt kinda party either.
  • I haven't had my shower yet, it's going to be June 13th.  It is not a formal event but like tinydancer said it isn't a jeans & t-shirt deal either.  I believe there were about 30-35 people invited.

    I can't believe that we only have 77 days left... ahhhhh!!!   Where did the time go????
  • Informal at work- they just had it for me...

    Home one is a surprise and formal..... Bought my dress and gave to my FI

    I think its a beachy theme (spotted bm at shop buying lighthouse candles, etc)

  • Ours is June 12th.  We're having a co-ed shower so everyone can be included and so our family/friends can meet before wedding weekend.  I have 2 men as my "bridesmen" so it only makes sense.  Its in my apt clubhouse and will be pretty casual.  I hope the ppl at work dont give me a shower.  I dont like most of them and it would be really awkward to accept gifts from them and play fake-nice.
  • My showers were both very casual. I can't see how you can have a really formal one. It was very traditional at the same time. I sat in a big chair and open gifts for all the "ladies" invited to the wedding. It was a good time. Same for my work shower - we went to a restaurant and had dinner together after work. Afterwards, I opened gifts. I want another one. lol
  • Haven't had my yet. It's June 27th. Some of the ladies attending have talked about wearing sun dresses as it'll be a luncheon at a garden. I'm super excited about it! :D
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    omg! we're days away!
  • I had my real one in April.  I don't know about formal, but everyone dressed nice, there was champagne and pretty desserts and we mostly opened presents and then talked about love and marriage.  

    I also had my bachelorette/girls weekend, and though it wasn't called a shower, one evening we did open presents.  Some were more bachelorette themed (blow up doll, lingerie, etc), but many were like normal shower presents.  That was more casual with pizza and wings.
  • blow up doll? LOL 
  • They all sound like awesome affairs!! my first one was a bit more formal in that I got my hair done (used it as a chance to practice one of the styles I like!!) and I bought a new dress for it etc. It was a luncheon and was quite elegant!
    This one is a luncheon as well, but with a different feel to it...maybe it's because I will know everyone at this one already - the first one I was so nervous as I was meeting the friends of my to-be family! I needed a glass of wine before the guests started to arrive!! ha ha It was great and I loved it!!  I can't wait until tomorrow!!

    PS - Blow up doll?? Like, a male one?? Interesting!! I didn't know they made those!! lol
  • My showers are in June...one on the 10th thrown by work and another thrown on the 13th by my MOH and mom. The work shower will be super casual...just a bunch of teachers gathering to talk and watch me unwrap presents. Funny enough the work one will be the only one my FI will probably attend b/c we work at the same place...he pretty much can't get out of it! :P My family/friends shower will probably be casual as well...but I plan on wearing a cute sundress that I also plan on wear the day of the rehearsal...so it has double duty. :) I'm really looking forward to both! Can't wait!
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  • rktorkto member
    mine is going to be in my Moms backyard  - I am currently looking for a nice sundress to wear.
    I think there are 20 people invited. we expect 12-13 to attend
  • My friends threw a small shower and it was casual. Most people wore sundresses or cute skirts. My mom is dying to throw a lingerie shower and she wouldn't let go of the idea, so I finaly gave in. It will probably be fairly casual.
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  • my mom and aunt are throwing me one the weekend before we leave for Aruba. it's going to be pretty small because even though we invited all the ladies coming to the wedding, a lot of them are 2 hr+ flights away. we invited 16 and expect closer to 8.

    it's definitely casual. my grandfather and mom are making the food for it.
  • My shower was last Sunday and it was very similar to Jaime's. It was causal but many of the ladies wore dresses. It was held at a local restaurant. It felt like it took me forever to open up all my gifts! I had such a fantastic time, and I didn't want it to end :(

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  • aweilbaaweilba member
    I have not had mine yet, but I know what one of them is going to be like.  My shower that's being hosted in my home town by my MOH and some of my mom's friends is pretty casual, as it's a Mad Hatter Tea Party theme.  I have no clue what my second shower will be like; I only know the date and nothing else about it.  It's being thrown by my family back in WI, so I'm guessing it'll be pretty casual, too.
  • I'm spoiled--I'm having 3!!

    I had my first one last weekend, hosted by the ladies of my church.  It was a very informal luncheon, a few games, and it was wonderful. 

    My mom is hosting one for me in 2 weeks (in WI, where I'm from and where the wedding will take place), and my FI's mom is hosting one in a month (here in CA, where we live).  Both are casual, probably just games, lunch, etc.  The best part--mimosas and brunch at my FMIL's house!

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  • My bridal shower will be on June 12. My wonderful bridesmaids are renting a private room at a local restaurant and hosting a bridal brunch for me. I am so excited!!! Everyone is getting bright and fun summer dresses (which is a favorite of mine) to wear at the event.
  • My shower was last weekend.  It was a casual Hawaii theme (it only makes sense, right?).  It was relatively small - 15 people, mix of friends and family.  I had a great time, and it was a unique experience.
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