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Speaking of cats.....

FI just called me at work and said that Jax was sitting outside in the rain on the front porch YOWLING when he got home.  Our cats DO NOT go outside.  I told him to look around the house and make sure there weren't any broken windows that he could have gotten out of.  Well, apparently he found a way to get into the ceiling in our laundry room (it has panel ceiling in there) and crawled through the attic and then fell through the ceiling in our carport.  Poor kitty!!!  FI said he was super-dirty and soaking wet.  Said that the other cats were all freaked out standing right inside the front door when he walked in.
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Re: Speaking of cats.....

  • Ok thank you i can just picture the cat just looking misreable lol that poor little bedraggled kitty I needed that laugh today in my day from hell!!! 
  • Well, I bet he doesn't try to sneak outside anymore!!!  He'll probably claw someone's face off if they try to take him outside!!  I should've gotten FI to take a picture!!
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  • Awwww poor kitty! What a little adventurer!
  • awwww poor guy! so glad you FI got home to him.  He was probably terrified
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  • I just want to cuddle him when I get home!!  I mean, we left the house before 7:30 this morning, so there's no telling how long he was stuck outside!

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  • Awww poor baby I remember when my kitty got stuck in a super tall tree. We had to have the firemen come out to get him. He was shaking so bad he wouldn't get his claws out of my shirt.
  • Awe, that made me really sad for him! 

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  • Ah!  Something similar happened to my kitty this week.  On Monday I thought she escaped through our garage.  On Thursday she miraculously appeared in the living room.  Apparently she made her way into a storage closet and got trapped in the insulation of the adjacent the crawl space of our house.
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    patrize- your poor baby!!!  trapped for 4 days!!  I'd be hysterical!!  I hope you gave her some serious cuddle time when she showed up!!

    ALSO, FOLLOW UP:  When I got home from work, Jax was fine.  He's not quite as frisky as he usually is, but I gave him some love and lots of treats!  Adam said that after he brought Jax in earlier, all the animals surrounded Jax kinda like "hey brother!  are you alright???"  I wish I could've seen it!
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  • I'm so glad he didn't get lost!  One of my cats got out twice and took off running because she was scared.  We had to trap her in a have a heart trap.  Both times we got her around 4 in the morning.  She wouldn't come out during the day.
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