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inviting old bosses = trouble??

I am unsure of whether or not I should invite my two bosses from my past job of 7 years to my wedding in August. I left on good terms and I am inviting quite a few of my former coworkers. The thing is that my current bosses also used to work with me at my old job before they started their own practice and did not leave on very good terms. I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable at the wedding, and I don't want my current bosses to resent me for inviting the "enemy".. A part of me feels I should invite them because they are also my future mother in laws current bosses (yep that's how we met, he came strolling in to my old job one day to drop something off to his mother ;)) and the fact I am basically inviting their entire staff.. My FI says I should invite them and my mother in law says it is totally up to me.. So overall I'm just trying to figure out how to pull this off while doing the least damage... advice please?!!  Surprised

Re: inviting old bosses = trouble??

  • If you like them and are social with them outside of work, then invite them. Same goes for your current bosses. If they can't be civil professional adults, then that's on them, not you.
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  • I would invite my current bosses over my old ones hands down.

    It's been quite a while since you've worked with them so do you even still talk to them? If not, I would say just don't invite them. I'm sure they will understand.
  • There's never any obligation to invite co-workers or bosses, especially former ones.  If you have a social relationship with your old bosses, fine you can invite them, but if not then don't.  Your wedding is a very personal event, not a work or networking event.
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