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Favorite photo printing website?

I always get awesome coupons emailed to me from Shutterfly.  I just got two free 8 by 10's I just paid 1.91 for shipping.  Great deal!  I am trying to figure out my cheapest and best priniting options offline.  I had always gone to CVS in the past and paid 29 cents per 4x6, but online is a ton cheaper and a lot of websites give you 50 free 4x6's when you sign up.  

So what is your favorite?

Oh and I also made my friend a really cool calendar for xmas last year on Shutterfly. 

Re: Favorite photo printing website?

  • I know with Wal-mart and CVS, places like that you can have it shipped to the store for no charge.  That is definitely a good thing. 
  • I use snapfish and (similar to the wal-mart alternative) I can have it shipped to my local meijer store.

    I get e-mail updates and always wait until they run special promos - usually about once a month they run a special deal where you can get so many free 4x6 prints with a coupon code...this is also how I got a discounted photo book etc.
  • I just got a coupon from Shutterfly for 101 free prints. I'm probably going to use that to order my STDs ridiculously early, so that I can get them while they'd be free and just send them off way later. I'd say ordering from them when they have deals like that would be your best bet.
  • Wait. I just realized that you said you wanted offline printer options. Sorry, I missed that part until now. Offline, I'd say WalMart.
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