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Ring Question

I know someone had trouble where their ring broke, and I wanted to find out if your jeweler fixed it for you for free.

I gave my sister the setting my e ring diamond came in, set with an aquamarine, but it had to be sized up to fit her. It broke in the part that would be under your finger, which is where they would have added metal in to re-size.

I was just wondering what the process was, and also if the broken ring was platinum, as this one is. I'm wondering if platinum is especially brittle?

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Re: Ring Question

  • I lost a diamond chip which they replaced for free.  However, we had purchased their insurance. It would have also covered what you are describing. Was there a warranty?
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    that was me with the ring breaking! Unfortunately they did charge me to fix it, but it was $20, which I think is the same as just a normal "ring sizing" fee. Even though it definitely broke on the seam where they had originally re-sized it. I didn't feel like arguing about it so I just paid for it; but I should've said something in the first place when they first re-sized it because I could see the solder seam, and you're not supposed to. My ring is white gold. 

    ETA: H didn't purchase the warranty and it was after the 6 months where it would've been included as part of the purchase. I did purchase a warranty on my wedding band after that, and we have a rider on our insurance which covers all the rings in the event of loss/theft/etc.
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  • Thanks for the input.

    It doesn't have a warranty - it's a 100 year old ring that has just been modified. She's only had it since September, but I think she wears it every day.

    The bummer is my sister lives 5 hours away, so I have to just take pictures of the break into the jeweler, and see if they would fix it for free. I live in a crazy expensive town, so the re-sizing fee is around $50. She lives in a major city, so hopefully things will be cheaper up there if it's not free.

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  • Update: They said it is something they will most likely handle for free- the jewler said the ring had a thin band to begin wtih, so it might be an issue, but they said my sister can just fedex to them, and they will work with her.

    I'm happy for good customer service!

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