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10 years ago...

what were you doing for new years? what were your dreams and aspirations for this time right now? how much have you changed??

i can't believe it's been 10 years...10 YEARS since i was in high school, creating my course of action for the next decade of my life. sitting amongst my high school friends with a two-dog in hand, singing billy joel songs and anticipating Y2K's armageddon-like explosion, i had it all figured out.

thank you God for changing that course of action...without the tragedies and the adventures i had along the way i wouldn't be here, 113 days from marrying the most amazing man my heart and soul has ever endured...
may flower

Re: 10 years ago...

  • I like this!  I was in my senior year of high school going into 2000.  My parents were out, and I made dinner for my current FI and we brought in the new year.  My son was a year and a half!

    I was anxious to graduate at that time and I knew I was just going to community college, and I wasn't sure what I was going for yet.  I was a teen mom and I just heard the current percentage of teen moms who graduate college before 30...  It is 1.5% -- it used to be higher, but regardless, I am in that small percentage of teen moms.  I graduated college at 23 and became a teacher at 24.

    My son has become an amazing 11 year old boy and my FI and him are so close.  I couldn't be luckier.

    Happy New Year ladies!
  • Wow... ten years ago I was on the winter track team as a senior...  my FI was on the wrestling team and we were in the second year of our relationship...  
    i was going to plymouth state university in NH in the fall and looking foward to playing on their field hockey team...
    it is amazing to look back and think, God, I was so naive back then!
    Who would have ever thought I'd be living with that same boy and marrying him shortly!  

    bring it on 2010!  it's going to be a great year for all of us!!!
  • My reply is a day late, but this is a great thread, Jeni!   

    Ten years ago at New Year's I was in Las Vegas for the Millennium.  My friends and I were crazy and wanted to be "somewhere" when Y2K... um... didn't... hit.  It was a madhouse on The Strip.  How wild to think that I will be going back there with my new husband (!!!) for our honeymoon in three and a half months!  I hardly remember the place at all... it was all crowds and throngs of people... will be nice to see it at a more leisurely pace with my best friend in the world!  

    I was living in California between stints at grad school, about to move back to the East Coast, where I would meet FI two years later.  Can't believe it's been almost 10 years since I lived in CA... I loved Northern California because it was where I became "me"... and while I adored living there it showed me that I am a New Englander (with a splash of New Yorker) through and through.  But CA was lonely too (relationship-wise), despite having made friends out there who I will keep for the rest of my life.  Seems somehow that "going West" was my "hermitage", so I would be ready to merge my life with my love when I got back.

    The last ten years have been full of ups and downs, but having FI with me through most of it (we met in 2002) made it all so much easier.  

    What's amazing is thinking of the NEXT ten years!  I hope to look back on the cusp of 2020, with my dear hubby surrounded by our kids and pets!

    Runaway Bride - Catch me if you can!
    photo by Scott Metzger
    kikijbird ~ Erica (aka Kiki) & Paul ~ 24 April 2010
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