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So I know this probably goes against every wedding etiquette rule but would it be acceptable to either use my holiday greeting card as a save the date (just put something simple about saving the date) or putting a separate card in with the holiday greeting card about saving the date? My student loans are sucking my wallet dry (horribly) but I really enjoy sending out holiday cards and I really want to get my save the dates out by the end of the year but can't afford to send two items to everyone. Any advice?

(Please be nice.. I'm a little post shy because the last time I posted I got ripped apart and didn't really appreciate that. :( )

Re: Save the Dates and the Holidays

  • It's fine, just make sure the people you address the holiday cards to are the people you are inviting to the wedding. So if you aren't having kids at the wedding, you shouldn't address you holiday cards to "the Smith family."

    Also, if you sign up for offers from Vistaprint, you can get free postcards and just pay shipping (It's less than $6). Then you'd still have to pay for postage, but you'd have separate STD cards. That's what I'm doing and what a lot of budget ladies recommend.
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  • I think it's fine! You could either do an insert within your holiday card, or make a holiday/save the date card with a photo that says something like "Happy Holidays! Save the Date...." Good luck! 

    I am getting ready to send my STDs out soon too, my only concern of sending them around the holidays is that they could get lost or overlooked in the craziness of the season - something to keep in mind! But I will probably send mine out anyway because I am too excited!
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  • It's totally fine to do that, just make sure you address the card to exactly who is invited so you don't end up with uninvited guests.
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  • I did this and I think we should be okay.  I just addressed the holiday card to exactly who is invited to the wedding to avoid any issues that possibly could arise. 

  • i wouldnt just because the hustle and bustle of the holidays means a lot of things get lost and misplaced.
  • We're also sending our STDs with our Christmas Cards .  We made magnetic STDs and slipped them in with holiday cards.  That way people can put them up on the fridge and they won't get lost.  But, even if they do get lost, they're just STDs, invites will go out later. 
  • Ditto Dani.  Be very, very careful about who the Christmas card is addressed to.  "The Smith Family" will likely come back to bite you in the asss later.
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  • You don't need to do STDs. 
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  • Yes, Huskerfanz I'm sure OP is well aware that she doesn't NEED to do STDs.  That's not what her question was.

    I did STDs with our Christmas cards and they worked out well!

    As a side note, I appreciate STDs, for any wedding regardless if it is on a holiday weekend or not.  H oftentimes has a difficult time getting time off because he works 3 weekends per month.  Having the extra notice is great for us because it gives him the time to find a trade.  I know we are not the only couple in America who appreciates a STD. 

  • Thanks! That's a great idea... can you give me more information on how to do that? I've looked at Vista a lot but never noticed an offer like that! :)

  • Also, Thanks everyone for the great ideas/support! Thanks!

    Magnets were a great idea too... just think might be out of my budget :\
  • I just bought the cutest Christmas cards off ETSY and they would make UBER adorable STD's!  I even printed them myself- it was very cost effective.  My designers ETSY store link is :
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