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April 2011 Weddings

Busy changing my name!

I'm sure it will take months for every little things, but the big things are getting done. Got my new ID, waitting for SSN to be sent, changed checks, credit cards, debit cards, school loans, mortage, insurance, can't change things at my employer until my SSN card comes.

What a big pain but it is so worth it! My husband and I are still exhausted from the weekend but still sooo happy! Can't wait for the get away in May we will need it!

Re: Busy changing my name!

  • Congrats! How did you get it all done so fast? I have to wait until I get my marriage license in the mail after it is registered with the county before I can do SSN. Then do the driver's license after I get my actual card in the mail to get my license... The whole process will probably take me about 2 months or so
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  • Oh wow.  I am lucky, I can start changing my name the day after the wedding!  All I need is the JPs signature.
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  • Wow, look at you go!!!! I don't think I can change my name until I get our official copy of the marriage license in the mail just like swttrish2004 said.
  • i sooooooooooooo cannot wait to change mine! :) i never cared for my last name anyway so im happy to change it :) i am making it my middle name though and dropping my current one.

    it is a pain in the you-know-what to change your name in NC if you are moving after the wedding. i am going to have to fly back down about 2 weeks after the wedding to take care of it. yay.
  • There are three copies of the marriage license and you get one right away after the ceremony. This copy is enough in ND to proceed with all the name changing stuff.

  • I have changed my name on all things except my license and since we are flying to Barbados this weekend for the HM I can't change that until we get back. I am changed at work, got my new SS card inless than a week and faxed everything to the BOE Monday and it was changed when I got to work today. Can't wait to get the new license!!!!
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  • I am so excited to change my name, but really super duper dreading the process!!
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  • Wow, you are on top of it!
    I went yesterday to get my new license, and I'm thinking* about going to the SS office to get that done today... *Thinking about going on Monday after work instead, since the office is literally down the street from my work, which is 20 miles out of the way from everything else...Gas is expenseive, ya know...  Tongue out

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