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April 2011 Weddings

Suddenly Stressed

Just today I got stressed out all of a sudden. I am not a person who really stresses about anything but I can say I am ready for wedding planning to be over. haha I need to start planning the ceremony but I dont know what I want thus I dont know where to start!! ugh. I also need to start looking at invitations and all that entails. Addresses, maps, hotels, etc.
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Re: Suddenly Stressed

  • I know what you mean!  There are moments where I am like "oh good, I have a lot done...I don't need to worry" and then other moments where I'm like "I have so much I need to do and don't know where to start!"  I do need to work on the ceremony because I haven't really done much for that part at all.  But like you said, I kind of don't know where to start!
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  • I hear ya!  Now that I've hit the 4 month mark, I'm starting to stress.  I really don't have a lot of wedding stuff left to do but my FI is moving to Canada after the wedding so we have to get started on all of our immigration paperwork, which is a daunting task.  I also have to move in Feb. so that's not helping. 

    Set aside a few hours one evening to start looking at invitations.  Once you get them ordered, you'll have some time before they arrive to collect addresses and maps.  I found that once I made the time for it, I sat down and would get caught up in what I was doing and was done before I knew it!  I'm having a destination wedding so we've sent our invites out already (actually, the 15th is the RSVP date) and it felt so good to finally have them done and sent!  It'll all come together.  Don't worry!
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  • I hear ya!  I still have a lot of DIY to do...well I got most of them done but still...trying to book a DJ now (yes still working on vendors :p)

    In Feb I'll be travelling for 2 weeks so that's time lost...trying to get most of the stuff done before I have to go!  So that when I come back all I need to worry about is the guest list lol

    Good luck girls!
  • I know what you mean I had a major freak out a few weeks ago.  I feel much better now tho.  I think we're all going through periods of-oh no I have too much to do and-everything is under control so I can breathe!
  • As far as planning the ceremony, I went to my local bookstore and parked my butt in the wedding planning aisle.  They actually had several books specific to ceremony planning/wording/readings/etc and I ended up buying one. 

    It is called The Wedding Ceremony Planner by Reverend Judith Johnson, and it was less than $20.  It  explains each section of the ceremony (welcome/opening prayer, rememberances/acknowledgements, the marriage address, unity ceremonies, the ring exchange.... ) and gives lots of different wording variations. 

    We just started working on the ceremony the other night, so I know how intimidating it is!
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