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What do you hope your guests will remember most about your wedding?

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    Well- I can't claim that my details are "unique," since I basically stole all of my ideas from this board! But.....my guests won't know that! So I'm hoping they remember all of the great things I'm incorporating into this wedding- parasols, palm fans, starfish escort cards, luahala boxes with HCC cookies, chivalri chairs, etc! None of my family or friends have ever been to a DW wedding before :)
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    I wanted to have one of those weddings where people look back and think how beautiful it was, because of who they were with and the feelings we created by planning an intimate gathering. We definitely achieved that too - there wasn't a dry eye that day (except the Kahu and photographers, of course), hugs were harder and longer than normal, and everyone was so HAPPY. Sounds cheesy, but we just wanted to be surrounded by love that day!
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    I want them to remember how meaningful the ceremony was, and how much FUN they had in Hawaii.  I don't care nearly as much about the decorative details as the experience I want for FI and I, and our guests.  So, our goal is what akbride achieved basically.  :)
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    I agree with Andrea. I want my guests to remember the little details and how the wedding was so different from all of the other weddings they have been to. Here in MN all weddings seem to be the same. Planning a DW in Hawaii has opened so many doors for me to be creative and go against the rules. I also just hope that we have created an opportunity to make new and lasting memories for our guests by coming to Maui to celebrate with us on our very special day.
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    i hope it's a memorable and fun day for my family coming in from out of town, and that they see all the love that we and our friends have for each other! basically i want them to see why i love living in Hawai'i so much - the people are great! As for everyone else, i just hope they remember  the feelings of love!!
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    I hope everyone remembers the view!  It's nothing you can find here over on the east coast.
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    I just simply want everyone boarding their airplane back saying "WOW - what an experience".
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