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. I am looking for a bakery to make our wedding cake. I'm in st clair shores area. Any suggestions?
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Re: cakes

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    I'm using the Home Bakery in Rochester. They have been fantastic to work with so far, and the cakes are super yummy!
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    I second Home Bakery.  The cake they had at our wedding was amazing!  The yellow cake is the best for what its worth :)

    If you want to see pictures of the finished product let me know! 
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    I LOVE Sweet and Savory Bake Shop in Oxford.  It is a little hike from where you are at but totally worth the drive.  They were amazing to work with and the cake was the best tasting cake I have ever had in my life.  August is our anniversary and I am almost more excited for the anniversary cake we get than the trip we are going on!
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    I plan on ordering my cake from Sweetheart Bakery on Kelly Rd in Eastpoint (not sure of the cross street). My son's friend Crystal works there and said their cakes are amazing. We are getting a special however. Check them out. I ordered a 50th anniversary cake from the location on Van Dyke a few years ago, 2 tiered wedding cake, and it was very good. Also, they do a lot of buttercream work, which I prefer to fondant. 

    There's also the Old Village Bakery on Mound just south of Chicago Rd in Warren. They have a website with amazing pics. 

    Good luck
  • dianegeigerdianegeiger member
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    I love Josef's on Mack in Grosse Pointe (but right near the border of St. Clair Shores).  I am SO picky about cake (quality and appearance) - and when I discovered them... wow... they've really impressed me with their skill and the quality of their ingredients (and at GREAT prices!).  They did our engagement party cake, duplicated from one I found in a magazine.  When I called the bakery that made the one in the magazine they told me they charged $125 for it.  Josef's made the same cake (duplicated the INTRICATE designs!), same size, for about $42!  I was stunned and impressed.  
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    I'm in SCS too! So is our reception

    Josefs had tastey cake i had them at one of the bridal shows, but Home Bakery Tasted much better imo.  I might use  the little Italian bakery on Kelly rd by 8 mile in Epoint called Gusieppes (spelling) I really want a Cassata cake and theirs is sooo yummy. Im not sure they are hot on designed cakes.

    There is also Hodell's on Harper by 13mile.  (they did my first wedding so I dont want to jinx myself and use em again lol) Or the East Detroit bakery on 9 mile between kelly & Gratiot across from the Taco Bell/Wendy's area

    Hope that helps some, I'm gonna check out the ones the girls suggested above Sweetheart & Josefs again.
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  • emily1004emily1004 member
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    Milford Baking Company! IMO they are the best around. I got so many compliments on my cake. Look and taste!
    I have to disagree with the other ladies (sorry girls) but I had a really awful experience with Home Bakery in Rochester. The cake tasted gross and bitter.
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    Thank you all so much this helps a lot!

    Happy fourth of July :)
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