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I'm so excited! FI is coming home tomorrow. He's been away for more than a year on deployment. I cannot wait to see him in the morning! I'm pretty sure I won't sleep tonight! I'm on cloud 9 :) It's finally tomorrow....wow.


  • YAY!! So exciting!! So glad he is coming home and safe!!
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  • That's so exciting that he is coming home tommorrow!! Have fun and thank your fiance for us for serving our country!
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  • that is so awesome! Thank him for serving our country and keeping us free for me!
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  • YAYYYY!!!! Let us know how tomorrow goes! Very thankful for his service and YOUR sacrifice :-)
  • JosieshsJosieshs member
    edited November 2009
    I'm so happy for you. Thank him for us for his service to our country. Thank you too.
  • Yay! I hope you have an awesome reunion!
  • That's awesome news! Enjoy your time together.
  • That is sooo awesome!! Enjoy your time with him and please tell him all us knotties are very thankful for his service!!!!!
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  • Very thankful for his service and YOUR sacrifice :-)
    Posted by sarahkay488

    Definitely second that.  I can't imagine how difficult this past year has been for both of you.  It's tomorrow already so just a few short hours (or maybe minutes?) til he gets here!  Really really happy & excited for you!!
  •  Congrats! Thank him for his service for me!
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