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Honeymoon on a Budget

Our total budget for the whole wedding beginning to end is 5k with not a lot left over for a full fledged 'dream' honeymoon where you're pampered and showered with champagne etc. We want to be treated like royalty on our honeymoon but just don't have the money which is really upsetting me right now.  We're looking to spend maybe 1,000 or less on the honeymoon. We're in Vermont, the wedding is in October and want to get away for a while 4-5 days. A 'stay-cation' is not an option, nor is staying with family or friends out of state. Any suggestions for an inexpensive honeymoon and still get treated like 'newlywed royalty'?

Re: Honeymoon on a Budget

  • try looking at applevacations, they have deals all the time that might fit in to your budget.  also, try contacting a travel agent (i used jennifer at vip travel, she is free, so you do not have to lose any of your already hard saved money!) and telling them what you want and what your budget is.  they can really help.  another option is maybe waiting a few months and going on your honeymoon then?  you can continue to save money for a few additional months and then afford something more?

    where in vt are you?  i moved to ca from vt a few years ago and really miss it!
  • You're not too far from Montreal and Quebec City, both of which are supposed to be gorgeous!  You might be able to go there for a $1000 if you drive.  There are also cruises that leave from certain ports like Boston and NYC that go to Canada.  That might be fun too. 
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  • Ditto pp regarding a cruise. You could take a cruise out of Boston or NYC to Bermuda. I think Bermuda cruises run through October out of those ports and are 5 night trips within your budget. You wouldn't need airfare if you just drove to either of those ports. HTH!
  • I can't comment on the cruise recommendations. Bermuda looks great,we were just looking at it online last weekend, but we are probably going to Europe.

    Our plans are to charge the honeymoon on a credit card, estimating how much we will get from the wedding in cash. We've both been married before, are not having a shower, and the "norm" for people is to give about $50 per person for the wedding. With 80-100 guests, that is $4000-$5000. I know it sounds crass planning ike this,. but we have no other need for that sum of money because we have a home and everything we need. We are waiting until closer to our wedding though, as we have 17 months at this point.

    Having said that, if you only want to spend what you KNOW you have, I'd recommend either Sanibel or Captiva Islands in Florida, both are fabulous and have great hotels, and it will still be warm there. You'd fly into Ft Myers. Or, if you've never been to NYC, it is an amazing place and you could spend a few days at a really nice hotel if you drive plus have some nice meals & sight see. Boston is an obvious choice, but I'm assuming you've been there. 

    The other recommendations for Canada are great as well. You will need a passport if you don't have one. Quebec & Montreal are like going to Europe, they are very international feeling. 

    I'm sure you'll come up with something. If you have any type of frequent flyer miles, or even if you don't, look into the "vacation" packages on Delta, American, or any of the other airlines. 

    Good luck.
  • My fiance and I are going to Niagara Falls for four nights. We are staying at the Sterling Inn and Spa on the Canadian side. http://www.sterlingniagara.com. You get free breakfast in bed every day! It's just over $100 a night, has free parking, and it's unlike any of the other hotels in the area. We plan on going on a wine tour, getting massages and of course, touring the falls. All for just over $1,000.
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