Is anyone NOT using a limo for their wedding day?  I know I've got to get my wedding party from where we are getting ready to the ceremony/reception site...but I'm having a hard time justifying the hundreds of dollars it would cost to do that.  I also know I need something for my soon to be husband and I to go from the reception to the hotel.  Has anyone thought about renting a fancy car? Any other suggestions?

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    we're not, but we're getting ready at the same place as the ceremony/reception.
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    I am having this problem too.  We are having the ceremony and reception in the same location, but I have yet to figure out how to get everyone from where we are getting ready to the venue.  I am struggling with spendning $$$ on this too!
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    I didn't think a limo was needed, but my FI was set on it so we got one. But if I had my way I would have rented a 12 passenger van from a car rental agency or I've heard that some car dealerships will rent these out. I think I've heard as low as $85/day.
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    We're not renting a limo. BUT my aunt and uncle have a huge RV that they are going to pick us all up in and drive us to the church (whoo hoo for not having to sit down and wrinkle my dress!). We are going to make sure that everyone has a car at the church that needs one, but most will have the significant others there with the vehicle. And we are taking a car up earlier for us to drive to the hotel.
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    THe cheapest price that I got for a limo was $790 for 5 hrs. We are staying downtown, and having pics downtown, and our venue is 8 min. away. So- were going to just taxi bus it. Way cheaper than another other alternative.
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