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September 2012 Weddings


So I originally only wanted 90 people at my wedding but of course everyone has to put their two cents in about who should be invited, we are on a budget and i thought 90 was a reasonable and doable amount of guests. my family is about 40 and my fiance didnt seem like alot, but then the FML said well I think you should invite this person and this person ohh and make sure to invite their parents. Shes telling me not everyone is going to come, its just nice to invite them. Than my mom wants to invite four more people which adds to the list im at 120 right now for guest and I only wanted 90! Yes everyone is paying 1/3 for the wedding and they are entitled to their opinion, but I feel like my wishes arent getting respected. I dont feel its nesscary to invite your high school best friend or you college roommate  if you dont talk to them on a regular basis am i wrong??

Re: guests

  • I think you should tell them how you feel.  No not everye shows up, but your case may be different and everyone may show especially with such a low number they are obviously only close family and friends. 

    I think your parents should respect your wishes for your wedding.  Then again allowing a few extra people may just be worth it in the end to save a big fight.  Just make sure that you put your foot down at 120 and let everyone know that you've extended your guest list and you aren't allowing any more "extras". 

    I gave my parents and FI parents a certain number of people they could invite and when those numbers were filled that was it.  I don't want to be talking to a bunch of people I don't know all night.
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