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Advice Welcome!!!!!!!

My fiance and I are getting married next June, which to some people is a lot of time, but for us it's not. He's going to Iraq for 6 months and as soon as he gets back we're getting married, so I feel pressured to have all the plans that he needs to take part in taken care of BEFORE he leaves. So far he's been great and helpful, with the exception of the countless times he's told me its "all about you that day".

My question however doesn't have anything to do with that. I really want to include my younger brother in my wedding because we are fairly close, but I don't know what to have him do. He will be 11 when we get married. We agreed that he would get to choose the groomsmen and ring bearer and I would choose the bridesmaids and flower girl, so I don't really think it's right to just decide he should be a junior groomsmen. He's legally blind but can see large print, so I thought about having him be a reader. He needs a walker to get around, or his wheelchair so if we were in the church, he won't be able to get to the podium... ANY suggestions would be great!

I've added a picture of him.

Re: Advice Welcome!!!!!!!

  • He can do the reading from his seat.  Well, he would stand and do the reading.  He doesn't need to be at a podium.  He can also stand on your side, like a junior bridesman.  Having mixed genders at weddings is very common and appropriate if you want him stand with you.  He could also give a toast at the reception.
  • Thanks for the idea about the toast! I might ask him to do that!
  • Or at the very least you could simply have him walk (or wheel whichever he would need) with the flower girl. I have a nephew who I LOVE to peices and I made him a position he is the flower girls escort. I think it would be so cute. Sorry I just love kids. And I think you are very sweet to want him in it. He looks like a handsome lil thing.
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  • I'm sure someone can escort him to the podium.  You could also have him stand up as one of your attendants if you choose.  Why not ask him what he'd be most comfortable with?
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  • He can stand (or sit in his chair) on your side as one of your attendants.

    Or he can do his reading from the front of the room, perhaps with a handheld microphone or one of those mics that clips onto his lapel or around his ear. Or someone can hold the handheld mic for him while he reads.

    Can he usher your mother to her seat?

    Ask him what he wants to do, and work out something together.
  • I like the idea of asking him what he would like to do.  He's old enough at 11 I think to make the choice.  I like the idea of him with you on your side as a kind of "bridesman".  He could wear a suit like the groomsmen but be on your side.  That's probably what my 11 year old son would want to do (especially the suit).  :  )
  • Could he escort your mom in?
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  • FI and i had a similar agreement we ended up not having siblings in the bridal party since i only have a brother and he has 2 sisters. instead we talked with them about what they would like to do if anything. My brother is doing a reading and his twin toddlers will be flower girls (to the best of their ability)

    His sisters were very happy we asked them and they said they would prefer to just be guests. :) all is well!
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