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March 2010 Weddings

It's about us - right??

Anyone else having some major issues with their extended family?? My parents and siblings are great, but my grandmother and a few of my mom's siblings (she's one of seven) are driving us crazy.

Yesterday the big issue was that not everyone in our extended family was invited to the rehearsal dinner. We invited the people who are involved (obviously) and then their families. This also happened to include all the out of town families. There will still be 46 people there - it's like paying for a small wedding! My future in-laws would kill me if we added more.

It just really makes me wonder... it's supposed to be all about the bride and groom, so WHY on earth do people have to think it's about them?? Why can't they be gracious and happy for us?

Thanks for letting me vent. I'd love some more "entertaining" family stories. =)

Re: It's about us - right??

  • Some of FI's family started questioning FMIL about what food we're serving on the wedding day, saying that it was a "make or break" deal to them. I got a little upset. Need I remind them we have a budget of $3500, and it's not ok to make me feel unnecessary pressure because I can't give them a five star meal. *sigh* is it the 27th yet? :)
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