Happy friday!! What's your weekend looking like?

We are apparently going to just get slammed by Hurricane Irene.  So tonight, I'm buying some bread, peanut butter, and water...and then I'll just wait this storm out this weekend.  I keep seeing things about tornados and such... im a little worried.  One of those days I'm glad i live in a sturdy brick dorm.


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    That sucks- be safe! Hope it doesn't get too crazy there.

    We're registering on Saturday, should be fun! We also might go to Kennywood this weekend- got a ticket we need to use up before the end of the season.
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    I don't miss living in hurricane country...been through several.  Be careful and stay away from the windows. 

    We are running the 5k Run Around the Square tomorrow. Then I have my hair/makeup trial.  Still not sure exactly what I want to do with my hair. 

    Oh, and a few days late, but our invites went out last Friday and we are now getting RSVPs!  Super exciting!!!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

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    I am skating then heading out to the beach to visit my familythat's in town this week.  Hopefully, it'll recharge my batteries before my second week with the kids.

    md-be safe this weekend! T&P that it won't be too bad.
    mook-I can't wait to register! Hopefully, FI and I will get to that next Christmas.
    Janice-Yay for RSVPs! It must be exciting :)
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    Hopefully we'll be surviving the hurricane as well ;)  Between the earthquake on Wed and now the hurricane that's apparntly coming all the way in to DC, I feel like I should move back to Pittsburgh!!! haha.  Hopefully everything is clear by Sunday afternoon so I can head up to MD to work on some wedding things (programs, escort cards, chocolate covered pretzels) with 2 of my BM's.

    MD - Stay safe and dry!

    Mookow - Have fun at Kennywood if you make it! I didn't get to go this year:(

    Janice - Good luck with the run and be sure to share pics!

    Milichal - Doesn't it seem too early for a week of school to be over already?!?! This summer went way too fast!

    Have a great weekend ladies!!! :)
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