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October 2011 Weddings

Not a fan of today.

Ugh. I'm not having a good day, and it's only 9:00. My morning started by not being able to find my work keys, then I couldn't find the paperwork to get my e-ring inspected (naturally, today is the last day of the month, so it had to be done today), then I drove to school to find out my 8 am class was cancelled. and guess what time they sent the email? 7:59. No joke. Here's hoping my day gets better. I doubt it though. How's everyone else? Any good plans for the day?

Re: Not a fan of today.

  • hope the rest of your day looks up for you!

    FH forgot his wallet today, and as we were in line at DD he realized (even after before we left the house I asked him if he grabbed everything! haha)...then there was no traffic, no one in the DD parking lot (just a few in drive thru with us)...just a weird morning lol

    no good plans for the day for me - training a new account manager so i haven't been around much :-/
  • I'm not in the best of moods either...found out I didn't get the job I interviewed for and I thought this was one of the few interviews that actually went pretty well.  I've been so depressed about trying to find a job lately.  I've tried the jobs sites online, I've tried the grocery stores, I've tried seasonal positions.  I've had others look over my resume and cover letter to see what can be fixed and I'm just at a loss.

     I hate it, it's totally depressing.  I feel like I'm NEVER going to get a job and what's worse, this was one of my last chances to do teaching unless there's some miracle of a loophole out there.  My license expires in 2011 and from my understanding I would have to take the Praxis III test to get it renewed again which requires an observation in your classroom.  I haven't been able to find a teaching job and never had a classroom.

    I guess it jjust wasn't meant to be and I've accepted that.  I just wish I knew why I wasn't getting calls from ANYONE.  Sometimes I feel like my life is on hold while we're living at my parents house and although I'm grateful for them I'd like for my family (FI, our son, and I) to get out on our own.  Right now, I'm just paying off on the school loans for a college education and degree that I've found to be completely and absolutely worthless.

    Ugh, sorry...this is why I've been so quiet lately on the board but I think quiet is better than ranting.  I'll stop now.
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  • I hope all of your days get better!

    I had to deal with some of the worst traffic the past two days. The three trips I've taken yesterday and today (to and from work and then to work today) there has been a major accident on a highway that I cannot go around. Its like people have a holiday and forget how to drive! UGH.

    Also...I haven't been able to talk to FI much in the past couple of days, they changed around his work schedule and his phone won't turn on....its just irritating to not be able to see or talk to him as often as I want.
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  • Hope you all have better days! I'll send some good vibes your way :)

    I haven't even started my day yet since I work late on Tuesdays which sucks. FI is already home from work and I just wish I could stay home with him.
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