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Corolla Chapel Weddings/Receptions?

Hello everyone!

We are getting married on August 10,2013...what started off as a small beach wedding is quickly turning into a larger event!  We are now looking at the Corolla Chapel/Fellowship Hall, mainly for the reception with the chapel for the wedding as a backup in case of bad weather.

Does anyone have pictures of the inside of the fellowship hall?  Also, any experiences there?

Thanks so much!

Re: Corolla Chapel Weddings/Receptions?

  • Hello & welcome!

    I am really of no help here because I am not familiar with that particular venue.  Have you been able to get any information from them yet?


  • I was in the fellowship hall as I waited to go in for my ceremony.  I don't have any photos, but Pastor Rick and his wife at the Chapel are very nice.  I'm sure if you emailed for photos they would help you out!
  • We used Pastor Rick for our ceremony in August and loved him. We were going to use the chapel as a back up plan but did not end up using it because the weather was great on our day. He was reasonably priced and gave us a great conseling session and overall did a great job.
  • I am hoping to use the chapel as well. Let us know if you get pics of the fellowship space. Also did you use the chapel phone or email to coordinat? I haven't heard back from anyone yet.
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