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April 2011 Weddings


We have been quiet lately!

This past weekend was nice but I missed P since he was at his concerts all weekend. I got to finish some projects and bond with the animals. Tonight is the Symphony and this week we are going to a big tailgate party with friends at a Pirates game. I'm not a fan of baseball so we usually just stay out in the parking lot the whole time.

Lastly, I got a new cube! There is no way to get an office unless you manage more than 5 people but I have a managers cube (means bigger than normal) with windows. Big fun! It's the little things that are exciting. :)

Going off of Kristen's Tuesday post... Has anyone seen the previews for "Ted"? It is that movie with Mark Wahlburg and the stuffed bear that talks. I actually would like to see that movie it looks different.
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Re: Wednesday

  • good morning! it has been really quiet on here lately!
    found out yesterday that i'll be going back to maryland next month for work. while i'm on the east coast i'm going to sneak in a quick vacation with my parents in jersey, which is very exciting! i love the shore so much, and i wasn't sure i'd be able to get there this summer. thanks to a free plane ticket i can! :) very exciting.
    now to figure out what to do about my WW meetings while i'm away ... that could be tricky! i'm also going to have to miss them when i go to ireland. oh well! everyone takes time off once in a while, right?
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  • forgot to mention -- i'm going to a "ladies night" tonight! yay! one of my former members invited me to it, it's a bunch of her friends that get together like once a month. i'm looking forward to meeting some new people! :)
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    Lisa - SO glad to hear about your girls night tonight - yay for meeting new people (and a fun night out!).  And it is awesome that the work trip gives you a chance to spend time with your family.

    Ash - I am torn about Ted....I like Seth MacFarlane (esp. Family Guy), but the whole premise of the movie could get annoying quickly.  And I LOVE going to the symphony - have fun tonight!

    Not much going on here.  Heat and humidity come back with a vengeance today (95 and humid - yippee).  Today is the opening day of Summerfest - an 11 day music/food/beer festival along the lakefront (clicky) - it is the world's largest music festival - still deciding when we are going.  Might just pick days/nights that fit our schedule instead of the bands we want to see (too many to pick from!).

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  • Good morning!! It feels like forever since I've been here. Monday I wasnt feeling good so I stayed home. Tuesday I had stuff to do from Monday and now today I think it should be slow. I must get to the gym tonight since my ticker is way different and it's depressing! I have to get back on track.

    The party was amazing on Saturday. Everything went perfectly! Its nice that the whole family knows that she's engaged now. And I'm glad it's all over. I dislike hosting events at my house.
  • Hey girls. 

    Ash, congrats on the new digs at work!  D wants to see Ted but I'm already rolling my eyes at the commercial so maybe he'll go see that while I go see Rock of Ages.  :)

    Lisa, have a great time tonight.  And very cool you get to squeeze in some time with the folks while you're back east for work. 

    K, Summerfest looks awesome! 

    Snickers, glad you're feeling better and that the party went so well last weekend. 

    I spent the majority of yesterday working on a 54 page "checklist" for our department and my eyes are still tired.  I've been in cahoots with D's BF's wife on stuff for their 40th bdays next month.  Planning on a girls night with her next week to finalize everything.  One of the Irish Mob is in from Nebraska this week for work so we're meeting him tomorrow night and then we're going out with my BF and her family Friday night.  When it rains it pours I guess. 

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    Happy Hump Day!

    Yesterday, was interesting. My supervisor announced her departure to all staff, and HR will be restructuring my boss' job and creating two director positions instead. Looks like I have a director position to apply for here in the next few weeks. Also, I went to my 3 month post surgery check up yesterday and doc said I may need a touch up (laser surgery) on my left eye because it's slightly off! No!!!! Apparently, it's been getting better each time he sees me so I'm hoping for better news at my next appointment. A promotion with many more responsibilities and the possibility of another surgery could prolong our plans to TTC this fall :(

    Ash- Congrats on the bigger cube with windows! Having windows is a big deal :). Sounds like you have a fun week ahead of you. As for the movie, it looks odd. At this point, I'm not interested in watching it.
    Lisa- Yay for being able to go back to the east coast, spend time with your family, and ladies nights :)
    K- Boo for hot and humid weather. I'm still waiting for it to feel like summer in LA :(. I'm sure Summerfest will be a blast!
    Serena- Welcome back, and glad you're feeling better. Hosting events can be sucky sometimes.
    Colleen- Wow, someone has a lot of stuff going on. Enjoy all of the girly time and party planning :)
  • Chrissy, is the application just a formality for the directors job? 

    Boo about the eye, but hopefully it'll continue to improve and you won't need a "touch up". 
  • Colleen- I'm not sure yet... I think their intention is to promote me, but I won't know more until mid July. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that poor lefty picks up the slack!
  • Chrissy- That's terrible that you need touch-up surgery. Hopefully you will get promoted! That'll be AWESOME!!
  • Hi girls... Just wanted to pop in and say hey. I'm going to the Rangers game tonight with my best girlfriend from Austin. I'm sorry I haven't been around much, I've got a lot going on lately, but I do miss y'all, and wanted to let you know I still check up on you. :)
  • Hi April! I hope all is going well! Have fun at the game tonight with your bestie :)
  • Hi Ape!! Have a great time tonight! xoxox

  • Hi!
    As usual everyone sounds busy! I'm going to go with what everyone else said as I don't feel like typing it all out again but know I'm thinking about you.

    I'm having a frustrating week at work and ready for the long weekend (we have Monday off). Planning to do some more work around the condo as the weather doesn't look to great and hopeful spend some time with friends as well.
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    Hi Andrea! I hope your week gets better, especially at work :)
  • Hey there!  Sorry I haven't been around much.  Our closing date has been moved twice already, work is super busy, and I'm about to get into quarterly billing!  I love you all and hope to be back on here more often soon.

    Closing is officially Friday at 3:00 now.  We are moving Sunday morning.  DH is off all week, so we can get the nitty gritty things taken care of like changing the locks, sealing the grout, etc.  I'm having a much needed girls night tomorrow!  We are going to see a band I haven't seen in about 5 or 6 years and I'm stoked!

    I know I've been promising to post pics of the town home, and I will!!! Love you all, mush <3



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  • Hi Laura- Woohoo on moving in this weekend! Have fun tomorrow night with the girls :)
  • Laura - I can't believe you are moving already - seems like it was just a couple weeks ago that you got the accepted offer.  Hope everything goes smoothly!
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  • YAY!! I can't believe you get to move THIS weekend!!
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