Getting in Shape

Can we PLEASE...

cut it out with the quick fixes, gimmicks and BAD ADVICE, PLEASE!!

Some of us here take getting in shape and being nutritious seriously. We do NOT appreciate people suggesting to cut entire food groups out of diets, relying on a book to give you the secret formula to your genetic makeup and how to eat for it, or bad crash diets as a way to lose weight.

All of the regulars on this board work out regularly, are very conscious of their diets and are trying to live a healthy lifestyle - stuff like I listed above IS NOT conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

Please do not post this stuff, it will not get a pleasant response from regular posters on GIS. It is not how you lose weight for life, it is how you lose weight for a small period of time and end up screwing up your metabolism.

Sorry if this sounds rude, but this kind of stuff really makes me angry.

Re: Can we PLEASE...

  • I couldn't of said it better myself.
  • Hear hear.  That kind of quick-fix stuff is especially difficult for someone like me, who's struggled with body image and eating issues to the point that when I'm feeling particularly bad about myself, those kinds of posts can trigger bad things.
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  • Hear hear from me as well.

    I wish TK would start up a  Crash GIS already, which could collect all that cr4p. It's hateful to be confronted with not one but two op's worth removing from the face of cyberspace - and they represented, what, 20 % of a day's worth of posting.
  • Its really not proper representation of US, with that many crappy posts in such a quick succession. I personally think stuff like that should be deleted by mod, and I know that on other boards they will delete threads that go against the flow of the board. Threads about cabbage soup diets and crap like that DO NOT help anyone out, at all, they are completely useless. It gives people starting out a bad impression and might potentially ruin their progress if they end up trying it.
  • AMEN.

    Crash diets are just AWFUL for your health and long-term weight loss.  Stop being lazy and put the hard work into *actually* changing your life!
  • I agree with you Nebb in that those kinds of posts go completely against the spirit of this board and I don't think I'm alone in thinking so either. Maybe they could be moderated away? Would help a lot because it's so utterly demotivating to see even the subjects of those posts.
  • I'll check to see if I'm allowed to delete posts like that. If so, I'll do that.
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  • I don tknow if its the same thing but last week AFSB migrated over to the entertainment board on the nest, and all of their posts were deleted by someone (mod probably) for being non-entertainment related.
    I just think posts about crash diets and what not are bad for the board.
  • Huzzah!

    I totally agree--plus was really excited to be able to use the expression "Huzzah" in real life.  I feel a little like a sailor :)
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