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Calla Lillies???

Hey you guys!
Now I'm debating on wether I should put only one Calla Lily r two... I know I'm gonna fill a tall vase with water and add rocks at the bottom of it. Do you think I should put two flowers r just one?? 

Re: Calla Lillies???

     It depends--are you using the big ones, or the small ones?  I love callas.  So elegant and dramatic.
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    If you mean for centerpieces, it depends on the size of the vase, and if you are using regular sized or mini callas.

    For a small diameter vase, probably only one or two regular callas will fit.  I like the look of two, and it will show up a little better.  If you are using mini callas, you could probably fit 5, 6, or 7 of them.

  • If they rae the tall Calla lillies one or two maybe 3 is perfect.
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