Escort Cards

How did you write yours?
I am planning on doing: "Jane and John Doe"
I would do Mr. and Mrs. John Doe but we have too many Jrs. in our family that it would be too confusing.  Main question is does the man or woman go first?  Either way, what if the woman goes first but she's the "and guest"  do we put him first and her second in that case? 

Hope this makes sense.  TIA!

Re: Escort Cards

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    First, find out the 'guest' name. Second, I think you should do the mrs and mr... and jr and all that. I think that is just proper etiquette... I think. Do not quote me.
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    Its more formal to do Mr. and Mrs.  But I think its your choice if you choose not to follow that.  I always put the woman's name first.  However, if she is a guest of someone and they would be looking for the escort cards under his name, I would list his first.
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    I do have the guests names, I was just using that as an example.  I just figured if the woman was the "guest" then her name should go second.

     If I write Mr. and Mrs.,  do I just write Mr. and Mrs. John Doe?  or do I use her name in there as well?

    If they're not married, I write Miss Jane Doe and Mr. John Doe?

    This is too damn confusing!
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    LOL ask the etiquette board. JK. 

    and sorry I misunderstood the guest part. I am tired. LOL Goodnight! :)
     ps. omg your wedding is SO SOON!!!!!!
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    If you are going formal, it would be Mr. & Mrs. John Smith.  I am not sure what the etiquette says about Mr. and Mrs. Jane & John Smith.  I personally think it looks bulky.  If you do list them that way, the woman's name goes first.

    If you are listing them separately, use Ms. Jane Smith and Mr. John Doe.  "Miss" is typically only used for younger girls.  I wouldn't use it for anyone over like, 15, unless I know they prefer it.  (I know some saucy old ladies who never married and like to be called Miss.)
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    this is of no help to you just my own confusions. I don't get "mr. and mrs. jane and john" I understand the ladies first part but if mr. goes first why don't john go first?

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    I didn't have a whole lot of room on my escort cards, so I did as follows:

    Married- Mr. and Mrs. John Doe
    Couples, not married (I am friends with her) Jane Smith and John Doe
    Couples, not married (I am friends with him) John Doe and Jane Smith

    Also, my father goes by his middle name, which is the first name of my oldest brother, so I wrote that as:
    (parents ) Mr. and Mrs. F. Russell Lastname
    (brother and SIL) Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. Lastname

    If you have a lot of juniors, you could possibly use their middle initial, if that helps.

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    I'm doing what Amer did!  Thanks ladies.  I just want these cards out of my life!

    Traci, I was tired too ;)
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