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April 2010 Weddings

Bad news (good knottie vibes needed) (long)

So my FI injured his shoulder shoveling snow a couple weekends ago (he had previously injured it and had it operated on 7 years ago), and he found out a week ago that he actually dislocated it and popped it back in himself (ow, I know). So he just saw his orthopeadic yesterday and the doc said he'll most likely have to have surgery again. He thinks the last doc from 7 years ago missed a tear and it's just been getting worse.

Bad new made worse: he can't fix it before the wedding because then FI will be in a sling for the wedding and whole honeymoon. So right now he's given him some injections and excercises to do at home to strengthen his shoulder so he can move it around. We had hoped to waltz on our first dance, but the doc doesn't think it's a good idea and I'm super sad about it. FI promised he would do everything he could to make it work, but he just doesn't know.

So I need some good knottie vibes that he strengthens his shoulder and he can waltz and we can do all the fun stuff we wanted to do on our honeymoon, like deep sea fishing and snorkeling.

Re: Bad news (good knottie vibes needed) (long)

  • Ouch! Poor guy!!  I hope he has a speedy recovery!
  • Stupid snow!!!  I hope he gets stronger fast!  Did the doctor recommend a supplement/vitamin to help the healing process?
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  • So sorry to hear this! I'm sure if he's diligent in his strengthening gradually he'll be ok. If he is interested in trying any vitamin supplements there's always glucosamine/ chondroitin and also MSM (type of sulfur) is really good to help heal the joint area. Sending good vibes and thoughts your way!
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  • I am so sorry!  I hope that he does better than the doctor is expecting, so you can do all that you had planned on the honeymoon.
  • DAMN SNOW!  I'm sorry!  I hope it miraculously fixes itself! 
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  • Thanks ladies!

    His doctor didn't prescribe any vitamins or suppliments, but he did give him some shots to reduce the imflammation and cut some of the pain. There's a lot of medicine and such he can't take because he has a pace maker and an artificial valve, so he's on blood thinners. I think that might be why they didn't give him any medicine.
  • ::::vibes:::: coming your way! Sorry to hear about this unfortunate turn of events :(
  • Ouch that sounds painful! Speedy recovery!
  • Ugh, that totally sucks!!! I hope that everything goes alright and you are still able to have a fabulous time!

    I am going through something similiar now....post to come :)
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  • Ohhhh no....prayers and vibes for him that he's still able to enjoy his wedding day and honeymoon without too much pain and that they can fix this for him for GOOD!!!
  • I am so sorry to hear about this.  Good vibes are coming your way.  Hopefully he can heal quickly so you guys can enjoy your honeymoon.

  • Hope he gets better soon!! Fingers crossed.

    Is there a way you can choregraph your first dance to be a "new" waltz version, arms down or something? Might make for a even better dance to change it up especially for you.  :)  Make it your own! (sorry bad American Idol quote)  :)
  • aw that's horrible!  this is why i hate snow - so unnecessary!!!!   we're all sending him good vibes!!!!!
  • Liz, I had a very similar situation 8 years ago. I had a bad dislocation of my shoulder (worst pain I could ever imagine), went to an orthopedic specialist, had an MRI done and was told I need surgery to correct a tear.  I decided to go for a second opinion and doctor #2 told me that surgery may not be necessary and sent me to physical therapy. I did the PT moves for a little while, here we are 8 years later and guess what - I don't have a single drop of pain in that shoulder.  Lately I've been doing some intense exercising with lifting, kickboxing, etc. and still, my shoulder doesn't bother me (the rest of me does!).  I still feel like this may come back to bite me but heck, it's been 8 years of being pretty much pain free.

    I know every situation is different, but my strong recommendation is to get a second opinion. Some doctors are really surgery happy.  If I had followed doctor #1's recs my shoulder would probably be even more messed up today!

    Good luck!

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  • Oh no! Sorry to hear this! I hope he gets better soon!
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  • That sucks. I've had a friend go through those surgeries, and they can be painful! I'm sure he will do everything in his power to dance with you! :)
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  • almostloco:

    Yeah, this is his second opinion. He told this doctor that he wants surgery because he's done PT before and it didn't work for him. Unfortunately he can't get an MRI (besides the fact that his insurance won't approve it, but that's another story) because of his pace maker. It's located in his upper chest right under the injured shoulder so there's a possibilty that the MRI could upset the rhythm in the device.

    Thanks for the advice though and I'm glad it worked for you! 
  • I hope that everything works out for you guys. Defintiely sending great knottie vibes and my thoughts your way!
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