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Possible future squeee???

I hate getting my hopes up, and I am preparing for the comments of "just enjoy yourself, try not to think about," but I just thought I could share a little hint I got this weekend!

BF has to pay for new brakes on his car, and I asked him how he would be able to pay for it considering money is tight. He told me that one of his CDs is going to be accessible in the next week, so he'll have access to a chunk of his savings at that point.  Ordinarily I wouldn't think anything of it but when he said it he had the goofiest grin on his face! The moissanite ring I want is less than $1k so I think it might be possible for him to buy it in the next few weeks! Maybe even in time for our anniversary in January!

I actually had butterflies for a few hours after his comment. Amazing to get butterflies after almost 4 years together. Ha! 

Re: Possible future squeee???

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    "Just enjoy yourself and try not to think about it...".....or jump up and down in anticipation (like I would!haha) But seriously, don't get your hopes up too much! Boys are tricky...and sneaky too, he could be trying to throw you off, or he could just be a silly boy and not be thinking the same as you are.  But I hope that I'm wrong, and this means you do get your ring! Keep us posted!!

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    I would try not to get too excited. I did this a couple times before and was super disappointed. I hope it works out for you though.
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    I'm trying to think how long it's been since we started looking for rings... I think it's been almost 2 years?? So yeah I've been pretty good about not getting my hopes up. This time seems different but I'll love him all the same if it doesn't happen!   Laughing
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