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I have 5 weeks until my wedding and have no clue where we are going for our honeymoon yet. We are on a tight budget does anyone have any suggestions. I have been looking at Travel Zoo.com. Its just to overwhelming for me.Help!

Re: Honeymoon????

  • We just decided to stay at a very luxurious hotel where our wedding was at, and splurged on one of their suites.  Stayed for the weekend and voila!

    If you want some more detailed advice, you'd have to be more detailed about what kind of budget you're looking at.
  • What is your budget? Could you take a road trip? Or could you wait 6 months and take a honeymoon then after you save a bit of money?

  • My fiance and I were in the same boat up until yesterday.  Our wedding date is October 2nd and we were stuck on were to go for our honeymoon because we were on a tight budget.  However, we have decided to go to Myrtle Beach and stay at this very luxurious resort called North Beach Plantation.  They are running a fall inspiration sale and we got 6 nights for $673.00 in a 1 bedroom suite.   I know mytle beach isnt exactly close to TX, but I thought I would share it with you.
  • As pp mentioned cruises seem to be reasonable. Not sure what your budget is but maybe, Vegas, a few nights in Cali, or I hear there are some great spa resorts in AZ.
  • Crusies are definitely a cheap vacation (as long as you dont go overborad in alcohol!). A road trip might be nice too. Pick a state like cali and drive up the coast visiting your favorite spots. I'm sure you will have lots of interesting and unexpected adventures!
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