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WTF Wednesday

I couldn't help it... so here goes:: Much more like a VENT here...
 We had our rehersal last night ( It's midnight, and so it seems like It is still Tuesday.. ) anyways, So, we all gathered at the church where our Ceremony will be: right before be began, the Church coordinator approaches Fi & I, and tell us that our Priest.. the Priest that we had choosen to celebrate our ceremony,  the one who we have been having all the past meetings, ect... the one we booked 1yr ago, will be leaving town today, and he wont be marrying us Saturday::::: That  a Visitor Priest from another church will be doing our ceremony.
Now, I tried to stay calm, I am in God's house, and well, the man didnt even know what was going on.... but as soon as rehersal was over, I couldnt help but feel so dissapointed, and sad =( I am trying to keep calm, and I know that maybe I shouldnt put much thought into who will be marrying us:: Cause in the end, we we will married no matter what... But, I am so so sadFrown. Our Priest knows us, we did all the process with him, I don't understand what happend?? && why no one called us to inform us and let us know what was going on...

Due to the Priest being a Visitor, the church coordinator does not know how the Priest will want  things to be arranged ect... so rehersal was just a waste of time. He just ran us through where we will be seating, and everything he would say, he would tell us he wasnt sure, since he dosnet know who the Visitor Priest will be =(... Not cool at all.
So, we are pretty much going in there.. with not a very clear clue of who, what, where, when....

We will be getting in contact with our church today, later on, hopefully they can explain to us what is going on.
For now, I am going to TRY and go to sleep::: My head is about to explode.

Vent OVER, thanks ladies.

Re: WTF Wednesday

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    Oh no!!!! That would have totally stressed me out too, I understand. But that main and important thing to remember is that it WILL be ok. Just take a deep breath, try to sort things out to the best of your ability and go from there.

    Let us know what happens and try to relax as much as you can:)
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    You poor thing.  That's something they should have called you about prior to your rehearsal even if they just found out.  Just remember the day of, if the visiting priest makes a mistake, try to laugh it off because in the end you will be married and that's what counts.  *hugs*
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    awww, so sorry you're going through this when you should be feeling excited. but maybe the visiting priest will be awesome! i'm sure everything will be great. Laughing
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    sorry to hear this know sometimes visitor priests are so much fun. I actually would have liked the visitor priest to marry us but it has to be the one from church. I got used to the priest that will marry us now, but before I thought he was a grumpy man hehe. Don't worry it'll turn out ok...and like you said all that counts is that you both will be married at the end of the ceremony. Don't happy, it's your wedding week! =D
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    So sorry to hear about the last minute change. That really can throw you off. The good thing is that it happened now and not on wedding day, that would have been even worse. There is always a bright side!! Like you said in the end you will be married. Try to let it go, have a great Thanksgiving and go and get married!!
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    Meli, if it makes you feel any better, I didn't even meet our officiant until a couple hours before our ceremony.  And it all worked out perfectly.  It was like he knew us, and he did an swesome job.  It will all work out- there are so many other things to worry about!
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    I'm so sorry Melistar this happened last minute. But I'm sure this priest will do a great job! And yes all that matters is that at the end you will be married. Just remain positive, I'm sure your wedding will be to die for Wink
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    I'm so sorry to hear about this, but as most previous posts said it will all work out and you will be married at the end. Plus I'm sure the visiting priest has done a million weddings and it will go so smoothly that no one will even know that he wasn't the original priest.  Don't stress enjoy this week, I'm sure your wedding is going to be awesome!Smile

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    So sorry Mel!

    I hope you did get get some rest. Just think, in just a few days you will be marrying the love of your life!

    Think happy will all work out.
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    Hi ladies!

    I finally got a chance to get on here. Looongg day full of wedding related last minute things to do.

    Anyways, I want to thank all of you for all your positive words of advice =D with tears in my eyes, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    It's so awesome to have this sort of support group of ladies that have been, will be or are going through similar situations, and with ladies that understand how stressing, and overwhelming wedding planning can sometimes be =/

    All in all, in the end we shall be married no matter what =D and I can't wait to marry that boy!!!

    Thanks again for allowing me to vent here, hehe
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