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October 2011 Weddings

NWR - Potbelly Pig at work!! PIP

Today is bring your child to work day, and my boss brought in his kid and his potbelly pig!! Ohmygoshsostinkingcute!

Re: NWR - Potbelly Pig at work!! PIP

  • Ha! That's hilarious! What's his name???
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  • HAMLET! Bwahaha. Sorry, I'm in love with this pig.
  • haha this made me laugh this is awesome!
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  • Haha- Hamlet... Nice! I've heard they make really good pets, actually. My FSIL and FBIL have one :)
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  • Oh my FI would DIE if he saw these - he wants one so bad!  Yeah, not likely in our 800 sq foot condo!

  • Hahaha cute! Makes for an interesting work day!
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  • That is awesome!  Occassionally we have dogs in the office - but never a pig.  I'm jealous.
  • Cute!
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  • Sooo cute! I love the Hamlet name :)
  • Aw so cute! I've always secretly wanted a pig for a pet! Maybe someday when we have a house :) I wonder how the cats would react haha.
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  • I'm weird, I see a little potbelly pig and I immediately want a dwarf goat.

    It would be our Soho's little playmate and we'd never have to worry about mowing the lawn again!!!!!
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  • That is the best name ever for a pig. Period.
  • At my Old job one of the ladies hat a pot belly pig named hamlet too! We also did a fundraiser where if we hit a certain $ amount the executive director would have to kiss the pig. We did and he had to. He put some sort of food in his teeth to entice the pig and got a nice big slobbery wet one. I video re order it, put it in slo-mo and sent it to him with "let's get it on" in the background :)
  • haha love it!  They are supposed to be great, clean pets. Pigs are also one the smartest animals.  I think a cat would get along fine enough with them unless your cat is super territorial.  My boss foster dogs so he brings them to work and my co-work sometimes brings her multipoo named wookie
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