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Food and Cakes


I still have a lot of time to change my mind on my food men but I originally planned on having each dish have prime rib & chicken picatta w/2 sides.  Now I'm debating if that's to much food for one person? I must admit that even though I'm not much of a beef eater the prime rib blew away the chicken picatta so do you think I should do away with the chicken & just serve the prime rib w/the 2 sides? And that would lower my cost per plate from $45 to $38 Laughing

Re: Menu

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    That does sound like a lot of food. Can you offer a choice of each and let your guests decide? Then you can save money on people who choose chicken and your guests will get to eat what they like.
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    I wouldn't know how to give them a choice, because I've already ordered my invites & was never crazy about the idea of having menu choices on the RSVP's.  Any ideas? Also it's a small wedding & we know everyone there & I'm pretty sure everyone prefers beef over chicken that we know anyways.
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    I think you have to either serve both OR give them a choice. People decide to cut red meat out of their diet all the time for health reasons. Besides, not having a choice is a little weird. Can't you just have the servers ask them when they are there? 
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    Send an email out with the menu options and ask them to respond.
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    Yeah I was talking to FI about it & he was thinking what you said about sending an e-mail or calling them but we're not having a seating chart because their won't be more than 40 people there & they all know each other so I'm letting everyone just sit where they want; wouldn't that make it difficult for the servers to know who wanted what? Hmm... the few weddings I've been to just served one thing & you had no choice.
  • mysticlmysticl member
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    They can still sit where they want as long as they have name card that has some sort of mark on it to indicate their choice.  Friends of mine did this.  They had the escort card table but we didn't have assigned seats/tables.  We picked up the cards and took them to where we wanted to sit and the staff served us.
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  • pita1127pita1127 member
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    Because you have only 40 some people coming, I think you could easily send an email out or designate family to help you make calls regarding food options if you are concerned about what to offer. 

    I saw a wedding where the escort cards had a little stamp of a cow or chicken on it based on what that person ordered when it came time for the staff to serve.
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    Great ideas about the escort cards but I wasn't planning on having any :( .  We're paying for the entire weddings ourselves so the less money we have to spend on stuff that's going to end up in the trash the better but it looks like we may have to use them.  Thanks girls!
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