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Lock down update

Well, we finally made the news today.  For those of you that may have seen my posts earlier, we were on lock down at the high school today for a little over 2 hours.  There were a few cops with dogs.  They didn't find anything.  It was probably a prank that some kid wrote a threatening message in a bathroom.  At any rate, we're all fine and it was an exciting end to a Friday afternoon.  

Re: Lock down update

  • Glad everything is okay. I know my high school teachers would have hated to have been locked in one room with the same kids for hours on end! lol
  • In Response to Re:Lock down update:[QUOTE]I missed this earlier but glad to hear you're okay!!! Posted by udubbride[/QUOTE]
    Ditto this!!
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  • Glad you're out!  That sounds like an awful day. 
  • Yikes! Lockdowns are no fun (H has been in two or three of them this year alone). Glad you're okay!
  • Ditto missed that....but glad all is ok!
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  • Thanks ladies.  I wasn't nervous until the principal came on the loud speaker and told all the kids to get on the floor against the wall.  But it was just so the dogs could come in each room and sniff their bags.  
  • Yuck!  I'm glad you're not still stuck in your school now!  And I'm glad you said you were just stuck in your office alone and not with a kid.  I can't imagine being stuck in my classroom with 20 14 year olds that want to go to the bathroom but can't!

    Our high school had to evacuate to an off-campus location yesterday because of a bomb threat.  We've had a few this year in my school but they've been taken care of pretty quickly. 
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  • I saw this on the news tonight--crazy!
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  • lol Kerry.  Representing!  Yeah, Holly, I felt bad later I heard that one of our kids that is diabetic kept calling the nurse's office saying she had to go to the bathroom.  I understand they were doing something serious, but you'd think one of the cops could've come to the room and escorted the poor girl to the bathroom.  It's not like there was an active shooter or anything.
  • Yikes!  That's crazy!  We have signs that we have to put under our doors during lockdowns that either say "Everything is fine" or "Assistance Needed" so that as authorities are moving through the halls, they can see if a room is in need.  We also have protocols in place for people with medical needs to alert the nurse to their specific whereabouts if they need medical assistance.

    Any idea if your school is going to debrief the experience with staff to troubleshoot problem areas if it happens again?
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  • Holly that's a great idea about the signs.  I will bring that up to the principal.  I doubt they'll debrief as the communication is freaken horrible.  I'm suprised at how vocal she actually was over the PA.  She said more than she usually does about what was going on.  You'd think though if a teacher is calling from his/her classroom to the nurse that they'd be able to get some assistance, but maybe it was because he/she wasn't calling the office.  I'm not sure.  Luckily she wasn't having a low or high blood sugar.  
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