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New Jersey

Anyone else freaking out about choosing Ivory??

I know some of you have seen my dress already, I ordered it a few weeks ago. The sample I tried was ivory (I believe that is the color in pic) and I always thought I would get a white dress, but I liked the sample and was nervous ordering the white when I hadn't seen it ever.  I'm kinda freaking out and wondering if I made the right choice.  Has anyone or is anyone going through this??

Re: Anyone else freaking out about choosing Ivory??

  • Don't freak out - ivory is a beautiful color and if you liked it when you tried it on, you will love it when it is your own ;)

    Honestly, when I tried on white I hated it - it felt too strong and the ivory was soft and complemented my skin tone better.
  • I wouldnt worry.  If you liked the ivory on you then go with it.  Like PP said, sometimes true white can be too stark against skin tones. 

    My dress is ivory also but I never in a million years would have known if the consultant didn't tell me. 
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  • Ivory is beautiful color and tends to complement most people better than white
  • Your dress is stunning, don't stress.

    I'm having the opposite problem - the dress I'm trying on today (I'm trying samples on at home) I love on the website in white, the sample is only in ivory. I'm concerned I won't like it as much trying it on in ivory ... guess I'll know soon!
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  • Mine is ivory but I'd think it's white. Don't worry. It's often just a more subtle look and sometimes stark white can look bad depending on skin tones.
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    If you tried on the ivory and loved the way it looks, try not to second guess yourself. 

    I always thought I would get a lace dress with straps.  I ended up wih a taffeta strapless!  It's all about what looks and feels amazing when you actually try the dresses on.

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  • Mine is also ivory, i love it though.  again like in the PP, if you love it when you tried it on, you'll love it when you get it.  also, the ivory seems to do better on some skin tone than others as well.  
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  • Like PP said, no need to worry! Mine was labeled ivory, but it was a touch more yellow than typical ivory. It looked very vintage. I loved it & no one thought anything of it. You will look beautiful! 
  • My dress is ivory as well and I love it :)  I think ivory is prettier then the stark white.
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  • Very few people can pull off white.  Ivory looks white in photos.
  • Dont worry! If you liked it when you tried it on, then you'll loooove when it's the one they make for you :o) Im an ivory girl too! White looked absolutely horrible on me :/ I just got married and I dont even think anyone took note of my dress being ivory lol They just noticed the overall look/ feel of the gown. I know it's so easy to stress over your gown after it's ordered and you're in that whacky limbo period- but it'll be OK! I promise :o)
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  • My dress is ivory.  I prefer Ivory to white for a few reasons; one of them being that I think it looks nicer with my caramel complexion than a stark white.  Good luck and stay positive.  I'm sure you'll look stunning in your dress.

  • When I first started looking at dresses I had my heart set on White. Almost all the samples in the store were Ivory. I wanted to order my dress in white but the sample was ivory so i was afraid of how it would look. The lady at the store than pulled a dress from the same designer in White and the dress did not look nearly as niceas it did in Ivory. I think ivory is beautiful and noone will even notice or care. I'm glad I went with the ivory dress becuase it is gorgeous!!
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