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XP AW: I Have a Dress!

Yay! I went shopping with friends on Tuesday, and then I went with my sister and Mom yesterday and we found the one. 

The store it was at was having a massive clearance sale, and a lot of their dresses were at least 50% off if you bought off the rack. I saw it hanging there, but it was just over my budget (even with the discount) so I let it go. At the end of my visit to that store, I couldn't stop thinking about it so I tried it on, and of course I loved it. The consultant gave me a further discount bringing it closer to budget range, and the rest is history. There are no good pics of me in it because the lighting was awful (and my sister has the pic on her phone anyway), but this is what it looked like on the model:

We're getting married outside in July, so I didn't want anything heavy or with a big train, and that's exactly what I got!
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Life is good today.

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