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I Loathe MY family.....

Give you all a quick rundown as to why they are on my SH*T List:

1) Its 6 days before my wedding and my "Father" has not been fitted for his tux... dont think its a big deal?... He's 6'9"
2) My Grandmother called me yesterday and asked me "Where is the wedding and what time does it start"?? O_o
3) My mom called Friday with an attitude and said "How are me and your sisters going to get to the wedding, why is it so far away" (WTF all of them are GROWN... Why do I have to figure out their transportation, futhermore, they stay in Atlanta, my wedding is in Decatur.... Hmph)
4) My sisters (Dads side) called me and let me know that they are not going to be able to get there hostess dress (Previously told me they had purchased them...)
5) Sent out 150+ invites for my family... received 17 RSVP's... but all of them say they are coming.... (?)

Do I need to continue....

I'm so sick of them... I hope none of the MF'ers show up! I mean it....

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Re: I Loathe MY family.....

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    I know you are going through it right now and I hope someone will make them realize soon that these little questions do stress you out.  I hate to say "you know how our people can be" so I will instead say no matter what stress you do through now, it will all work itself out on your wedding day.  

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    OMG...I feel the same way. I think we were posting about our families at the same time.  No good.
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    Oh my...I don't  know what else to say except I hope you can find some way to put that in the back of your mind and focus on your special day. Knottie vibes sent to you to the inth power!
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    Preach girl!!! I would have been heated too. I already had to snap on my dad and tell him that no one else is added to the guest list until I get the response cards back, so I told him to stop asking about it. Luckily, we have a security guard so there will be no tomfoolery.
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    Wow this is an interesting list of  **OH HECK NO'S** LOL!

    Girl I feel you though. Here is my bottom line, I am there, my husband will be there. The preacher will be on time, my music will be the business, Me and my future husband will be looking right....

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    well, that stinks that they're giving you the blues right now. But go w/ your sponsor for your message! Just don't give a damn! You are too close to your day; don't sweat the small/annoying stuff.

    oh and that is some BULL w/ the 17 RSVPs! I seriously wish I could have a bouncer sometimes for the door, hahaha.

    Good luck.

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    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:400Discussion:05c2144a-0746-47b3-84a7-5a7218d39d9ePost:7c4b4539-c707-4adc-8aca-c7b7fff1f503">Re: I Loathe MY family.....</a>:
    [QUOTE]Wow this is an interesting list of  **OH HECK NO'S** LOL! Girl I feel you though. Here is my bottom line, I am there, my husband will be there. The preacher will be on time, my music will be the business, Me and my future husband will be looking right.... <strong>Everything is Everything...after Winter must come Spring.
    </strong>Posted by prettymami2[/QUOTE]

    Agreed! Your day is happening whether or not they are on board. Period.
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    Man that sucks..but don't worry.

    My dad didn't get his tux until the Friday before my Sunday wedding and he is 6'5. Ask around for recommendations or if you have a planner or good friend put her on the task of getting him an appt., thats what I did.

    I had tons of folks calling me up until the day before asking me stupid direction questions, its so frustrating..but just woooosaaaa it

    Now that RSVP thing...thats another story thats just ridiculous..but all you can do is brush it off and have a great day!!
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    Wow!  I thought I was going through mess with my RSVP's!  I have received 85 out of 115.  I just don't understand why people won't take the time to READ the invite and RSVP card.  My event is catered and there are 2 meal options.  WHY won't they tell me what they want to eat???  I feel you sista and pray that your day turns out to be all that you invisioned.

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    Wow I agree pretty interesting.. Except for grandma, I would let it slide bc she is old (i hope) and therefore she misplaced the invite? For everyone else I have no clue what to say. They are all tripping especially your mom (sorry) WTH? How do you know how they are supposed to get there? Just get there.
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    Wow just wow ! I definantly feel your pain. Dont let them stress you. Whether they are there or not. It will be a great day.
  • kahbkahb member
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    SMH at your family's behavior. Grown folks should have more sense. As pp said, you are going to have a magnificent day despite their last minute shenanigans.
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    I'm so sorry your dealing with all this nonsense 6 days before your wedding.  I just can't belive people act like this.
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